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Jan 28, 2008 08:35 AM

Most Authentically Texas Restaurant in Metroplex

My fellow Hounds, I'm searching for the most authentic Texas food and atmosphere in DFW. Guys, what says TRUE TEXAS EXPERIENCE to you??? Is it such classic downhome cookin' places such as The Mecca or Babe's? Is it an out-of-the-way taqueria??
Is it upscale steak in a downhome setting such as Randy's, where the restaurant is located in a 150-year old former Texas dwelling??? Is it a little grocery store in Carrollton where the store owner just happens to sell sushi on the side? Perhaps it's genu-wine Texas BBQ at Rudy's. In short, guys, what eatery screams TEXAS for you??? Thanks in advance!!!

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  1. By far South Dallas Cafe.....great soul food cooking and it is close to Fair Park....friendly people who aren't scared to put an extra scoop on your plate, always ask if you need anything else, great free jazz musician on the weekends...could it get anymore Texas?

    I like Country Burger in Plano on 15th too...for the same reasons....on Saturday night my wife an I drove all the way to Taste of the Isles hoping for some great food...closed party going on. Drove to SeaBreeze on the west side...closed at 8:45 on a Saturday!! Then we shrugged and decided to go to Country Burger (my wife's old haunt from her childhood). They closed at 9 but the sign was still on and the owner/generous hispanic fellow said he would cook us a burger (eventhough they had cleaned the grill). Feeling awful we just order a simple burger, no fries or drink. He gave us free fries and two drinks. Burgers were awesome and large and I couldn't get over how nice the two workers were to make us a bruger at the end of their shift. Sometimes it isn't about the food but the quality of friendly people in Texas!

    I will think of some more and post later

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      "Sometimes it isn't about the food but the quality of friendly people in Texas!"

      Well said.

      1. re: Jayzee

        I don't think "soul food" represents Texas. I would think BBQ and fried chicken. Babe's is a wonderful "southern" experience. I would recommend Sonny Bryan's BBQ (the original on Inwood)

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          Great ideas so far, guys! Soulslinger, I particularly loved your post about your experience at Country Burger. Sure, when I think "Authentically Texan", I first think of The Mecca, Babe's, or Rudy's, but I really am interested in the "total Texas experience", and Soulslingers post is a wonderful reminder of the genuine Texas hospitality that is a part of said experience.