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Jan 28, 2008 08:20 AM

Fresh cream without preservatives?


Does anyone know of a place in the Seattle area where it's possible to purchase fresh cream? I would like to make ice cream that doesn't taste like carageenan and preservatives.


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  1. Sea Breeze Farms has it often. They sell at the U-district (Saturday) and Ballard (Sunday) farmers markets. Get there early though as it often sells out.

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    1. re: patriciajane

      I'm pretty sure they sell to the Ballard Market (grocery store) as well. I could be getting mixed up on the name but the Ballard Market does sell a local, organic cream that I believe has no additives. So does PCC, in glass bottles ($1.50 deposit), from a different company.

      1. re: christy319

        Much to my surprise, I've noticed that carrageenan is used in organic products.
        Hopefully a local source would not.

        1. re: dave_c

          carrageenen is ground-up seaweed and there is no reason for it not to be organic.

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          Okay, it's actually called Fresh Breeze and the only ingredient is cream. Their website shows where you can buy it besides Ballard:

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            We (patriciajane and I) mildly prefer Fresh Breeze's heavy cream for what we need it for. Sea Breeze's is usually so fresh it doesn't beat well.

      2. I've had a hard time finding cream without carrageenan.
        However, I did see some at Pike's Place market. I think it was in a dairy store near the fish tossing stall. To be honest, I'd have to walk the Market again to find the place. I know it wasn't Beecher's.

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        1. re: dave_c

          pike place creamery in the sanitary market on the east side of pike place behind jack's fish spot carries a range of creams including unpasteurized (which is what one needs to make real clotted cream)

        2. at Madison Market there are multiple brands of cream from local dairies, Golden Glen Creamery (glass bottles) Sea Breeze and Fresh Breeze Some of these might be available at PCC & Whole Foods too ... I think the national brands of organic have carageenan in them and some are ultra pasteurized ...

          1. I just noticed that Alpenrose, which I get at a regular grocery store, has no additives either.

            1. In addition to Alpenrose, Sunshine Dairy also does not use additives in their heavy cream (both are Portland based, I believe).

              If you want organic, Trader Joe's brand and Organic Valley are two other brands that do not have additives.

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              1. re: JillO

                I think Organic Valley has carrageenan in it. At least it did last time I looked.