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Jan 28, 2008 08:19 AM

Italian Restaurant

Looking to take a group of six clients to good Italian restaurant on 2/16. Went to Frascati last time I was in town and found it to be above average but not great. Can you recommend place similiar in price but better quality. Also thoughts on Acquarello. Thanks!

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  1. Rose Pistola, 532 Columbus Avenue (North Beach)
    Incanto, 1550 Church Street (Noe Valley)
    Fior d'Italia,2237 Mason Street, below Columbus Avenue (North Beach)

    Ate at all three recently, and I'd go back to all of them. Had a great Osso Buco at Fior d'Italia. The salumi antipasto at Incanto is homemade. Seafood (believe I had a roasted fish) is the specialty at Rose Pistola

    1. Restaurants to consider include -

      Milano on Pacific
      Antica Trattoria on Polk@Union
      Incanto on Church
      Perbacco on California

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        Acquerello is still very good, but is a much more refined and elegant (and expensive) restaurant than the ones listed above.

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      2. if this is a business dinner with people you aren't really close to, Perbacco is definately the most "business-y" type place. The others listed here lovely, but definately more informal.

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