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Jan 28, 2008 08:14 AM

Walking into Casa Mono or Boqueria on a Friday Evening?

What's the real world reality check of being seated at either of these tapas bars at around 6:30 PM on a Friday night?


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  1. Casa Mona takes reservations and Boqueria doesn't so if you get there by 6:30 I would think you would have no trouble at the latter. I've had some luck walking into Casa Mona on a weekend night but if they can accomodate you they may tell you they need the table back by a certain time.

    1. 6.30 should be fine at Boqueria, and at Casa Mono you must have a good chance of bar seats (assuming you're not a large group).

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        I've tried to walk in to Casa Mono at ~6:30 on several evenings (Friday and otherwise) and have never gotten a table for two (or bar seats).

        But you should try it, and then walk over to Boqueria if CM can't seat you.