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Jan 28, 2008 07:47 AM


Does anybody know where i can find a detroit style coney dog in new york city (any boro)?

Detroit natives will know what i am talking about. Im craving one so bad.

those who dont know detroit style coney dog is all about the runny beanless chili that has a flavor all of its own.

please help ive been living here for years and need a coney dog.

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  1. Try Crif Dogs. They have that cinnamon-scented, runny chili sauce found in places traditionally founded by Greeks. Just don't call it a coney dog anywhere within a 100 miles of Coney Island. Few people will know what you're talking about. You may also have to bring your own yellow mustard too. Also, check out posts by fellow chowhounder: hotdoglover.

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      Crif Dogs is a good suggestion. I've been there, but haven't sampled the chili. I do know that it is similar to many joints in Jersey because the original owners were from Jersey and were looking to bring the deep fried Jersey hot dog style to N.Y. The main dog served at Crif's is a Thumanns dog specially made for deep frying. Same dog that is served at Rutts Hut in Jersey. Crif's is more than likely the closest you are going to get to a Detroit style Coney dog in N.Y. City. If you are willing to travel, there are many fine examples in Central or Northern New York, especially the Hudson Valley. I've been there a few times to sample dogs and they have an abundance of places that serve a Coney dog. Depending on where you go, it's called either a Coney Island dog or Texas Weiner. A lot arouund the Newburgh- Middletown area. My favorite is a place in Middletown called the Coney Island Lunch.

      New Jersey is closer. Here they are called Texas Weiners. We have two types, similar to the "wet" and "dry" that you find in the Detroit area. One is a grilled pork/beef dog (usually from Grote & Weigel of Conn.) topped with a beanless chili that is fairly dry and thick compared to the other style. This dog can be found in and around Plainfield, N.J. The other style called the "Hot" or "North Jersey" Texas Weiner is found in the Paterson- Clifton area. A deep fried dog (usually Thumanns) that is topped with mustard, onions, and a thin, aromatic, Greek style chili.

      Contact me for the names of these places, descriptions, and/or directions. Good luck. John Fox

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        Correction: the place in Middletown, N.Y. I mentioned in the last post is called Coney Island Restaurant.

        1. re: hotdoglover

          My favorite Texas Weiner is at the Hot Grill in Clifton, NJ. It's one of the few times I enjoy a non-kosher-style hot dog.

      2. Don't forget this option!

        National isn't my personal favorite here in Detroit, but it's definitely a Detroit coney like you've been missing! I think the other area joints offer "kits" for shipping, as well.
        The price is pretty amazing, too.