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Jan 28, 2008 07:41 AM

Got cake mix - what else can I do with it?

I seem to have several boxes of cake mix that is getting old, and no desire to make cakes. What else, if anything, can I do with it?

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  1. My sister uses cake mix to make cookies sometimes. I can ask her how she does it if you're interested.

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    1. re: Reene902

      Yes, please ask her. Cookies are probably a better bet for me.

      1. re: Marsha

        You could google cookies from cake mix and find all kinds. I have one, but I haven't ever made it, so I would hate to pass it along.

        Good luck.

    2. The Cake Mix Doctor may be able to help. Their site has some recipes (though more are in the books). Scroll to the bottom left for the breakdown.

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        Thanks - it'll take a while to wander through the site - who knew what all people have been doing with mixes!

      2. At Christmas I was visiting a friend who has two young children, and she gave me a sample of something she makes for them when they have sleepovers: make one cake from a box mix; get a can of frosting; crumble the cake and mix it all up with the frosting; form into golf-ball size balls. That's it. Any cake/frosting combo that turns you on. The ones she made were chocolate; kinda sweet but pretty darned good.

        1. Make apple cobbler... sliced apples tossed with a little cinnamon sugar, cover with dry yellow or white cake mix, thin slices of butter (1 stick) over the top. Bake 45 minutes at 350.

          1. Paula Deen's gooey butter cakes. These end up like rich bar cookies.

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              I second the gooey butter cakes. I brought them to my kids' daycare staff for a treat one day and now they *all* make them - and I'm sure they've passed the recipe on as well. I've only made the pumpkin bars, but I'm sure the other variations are good as well. And yes, they are rich.



              Double Chocolate:

              And the one I am trying next...Elvis (peanut butter/banana):