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Jan 28, 2008 07:06 AM

Anniversary Dinner Help

My FI and I want to go out to a nice dinner for our 9 year anniversary. I have reservations at the Capitol Grille in Burlington. But I was thinking the Metling might be a better option. What do you think?

We don't generally get dress up for dinner, we usually wear like jeans and a sweater or he wears jeans and a button up shirt.


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  1. CG is a nice take for an anniversary, very classy place.

    1. The original comment has been removed
      1. If you're looking to stay around Burlington, you might also check out Summer Winter, in the Burlington Marriott. It's a more casual venture from Clark Frasier and Mark Gaier, who started the more formal Arrows in Maine.

        My one experience there was generally very good. Excellently prepared, not-weird food, well-trained staff, pretty good wine list. By no means my favorite restaurant around Boston, but I'd personally rather go there than either CG or MP.

        Although there will of course be some people dressed a bit more formally, you wouldn't be out of place in jeans.

        1. The Melting Pot is bad and ridiculously priced.

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            That's what I wrote too and for whatever reason my comment got deleted. So I'll repeat myself, I'm with Blumie on this one.

          2. If you want to stay in the Burlington area I would also suggest either L'Andana which is a very upscale Italian restaurant that is owned by the same group that owns Mistral and Sorellina in Boston. Nice atmosphere and very good food. The Catch Restaurant in Winchester Center would also be a great choice for a special occasion dinner. It is a small place with excellent seafood prepared in interesting and delicious ways. They also have a nice wine list and there are non-seafood entrees available for anyone who is not big on fish.

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              I agree with most of the above. I think for your preference: ie good food, semi-casual but nice atmosphere, RoyRon's rec of Catch may be the best. CG and L'Andana are a little more formal, big spaces. Summer Winter in the Marriot is also larger. Catch is very nice, but a more intimate space. Dress nice, but comfortable. The food may be the best, esp for seafood. Try the salt grilled clams appetizer! They're consistently popular on this board, and a darling of the Globe.