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Jan 28, 2008 06:54 AM

Name This Place, Please

Do you know the name of the Chinese restaurant next to the Ritz on 2nd Street? I understand the chef used to work at Sang Kee. Yes, the food was that good.

Having enjoyed a good meal there, I would like to return with friends and make a reservation first.


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  1. It's something Noodle House. I've never seen it full, so I doubt reservations are necessary unless you have a very large party.

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    1. It is the Pagoda Noodle house and a friend who works right near there said it's excellent. I've been meaning to give it a try.

      1. Thanks for your help. It's kind of tucked away...a hidden gem to me!

        1. yes yes yes! pagoda noodle house! i've posted about them a few times here and though it's never uncrowded, would love to see some chowhound love there! don't let the windblown cloth 'fire' lanterns in the window scare you off. my favorites:
          - the indonesian tofu soup (i request vegetarian broth, they happily comply) - this is seriously a meal in itself, it's huge.
          - singapore noodles with the fat noodles if they have them (ho fun i think?)... they can do this with tofu, and it's excellent tofu
          - fried bananas! simply done, hot with sesame seeds - they don't get better than this.
          they are so nice, so cheap, so good. i've never had a meal there i'm not happy with.

          p.s. i go at all random times; never needed a reservation, never had a wait.

          1. my parents swear by Pagoda as one of their favorite meals in the city