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Jan 28, 2008 06:37 AM

Dinner Suggestions for Portsmouth NH

We will be spending Wed and Thurs nights in Portsmouth this week and are looking for suggestions for dinner each evening. One night a nice upscale place for a special evening would be great and a more casual spot would be order for the second evening. Our tastes are eclectic and we enjoy most cuisines. As benchmarks, our tastes in Portland run to Walter's, Fore Street, Cinque Terra, 555 for nicer evenings and a whole range of local spots for the more casual dining.

We are not familiar with the good spots in Portsmouth and would really appreciate the assistance of all you Chowhounds. Also your suggestions for good breakfasts and a casual lunch would be helpful.

Thanks in advance to making this mini-vacation a success. Looking forward to reading your posts.

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  1. Green Monkey or The Library may fit your special evening part, Rusty Hammer, Celebrity Sandwich or Molly Malones may fit the casual part. Breakfast Friendly Toast is pretty good. Pretty sure they all have websites that can be googled.

    1. Brewery for lunch is good.

      Friendly Toast for Breakfast - very fun.

      Dinner - Green Monkey (call for a table), Library is a great place for a steak, Jumping Jays if you want some fish, Blue Mermaid - excellent fare - pub style downstairs and dining room upstairs. The Rosa for casual Italian (great pizza and nice bar).

      It's new but upscale - Ristorante Massimo - its a nice small spot, pretty $$ but worth it.

      Also new is Rudi's which used to be the Metro.

      1. Brazo is a kewl spot, owned by the same people who do Green Monkey, more latin flare. Was there 2 months ago, great cocktails, great food, perfectly prepared, good vibe. Dolphin Striker is always a classic for upscale enviroment. Haven't been in a while, but they are a Portsmouth instituition and never had a bad meal there or heard that someone had.

        1. For your upscale dinner, try Pesce Blue. We ate there on a whim and it was absolutely fabulous! I thought the portions were a little skimpy given the price, but I don't have a single complaint about the quality of the food. I had an oil poached tuna as an app that was fabulous, and for dinner the crispy skin bass over ME shrimp risotto. Just awesome. The molten chocolate cake for dessert was just standard. I'd skip dessert and walk up to Common Grounds for a cappuccino and pastry.
          I second Friendly Toast for breakfast/lunch. We ate there this weekend and it was great. They have some neat twists on diner food. Have a blast!

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            i'll second Pesce Blue. my only caveat is that the DR is not the most cozy and i've heard it can get a bit cold.

            1. re: ScubaSteve

              ScubaSteve? is this Nova from m-head?

              1. re: northshoregal

                ahhhh, nope. but you can e-mail if you have any more questions.

          2. Definetly black trumpet the only place that is even close to our favorite fore st or 555
            all others are a step down

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