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Sep 7, 2001 02:52 PM

Buckwheat pancakes

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Hi-anyone know of really GOOD pancakes in LA? Especially buckwheat pancakes that are THIN and crip around the sides- not the huge, mealy, horrible, inedible ones that most places serve in LA. So far only good (not great) pancakes I've had were at Mort's Deli in the Palisades and at Hamburger Hamlet with their week-end brunch specials. Hate IHOP-I dream of finding "buckwheat" pancakes like my dad used to make in Brooklym from Aunt Jemima Buckwheat Pancake Mix- yes, I know I could make them myself but I like to eat breakfast out on week-ends.

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  1. for plain (but not so plain) ones, i dig du-par's with a side of boysenberry preserves. fred 62 makes some mean ones too. but you wanted buckwheat, eh?

    oooh. i dream of a plate of buckwheat cakes at The Pantry downtown. i usually just order the ham steak and forget about it, but theirs are REALLY excellent. have you had flannel cakes at Musso and Frank's. Quite excellent again. There was a joint under the freeway on Hollywood Blvd. that was supposed to have marvelous ones, but last i looked, that diner went the way of all great things in l.a. it's soon to become something called 101. the yuppies have struck again. blech.

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      That "place under the 101" was the Hollywood Hills Coffee Shop -- the only way it could me more Yuppie than it was would be to have KCRW playing tastefully in the background.

      There are plenty of posts on that place, in their new location on Vermont, below.