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Jan 28, 2008 06:20 AM

Help me choose RW dinner tonight!

I'm unexpectably going to dinner tonight, and thought it made sense to take advantage of the Winter Restaurant Week program - and try some place I've never been.

What would be your choice (and second choice) of these options?
Capsouto Freres
City Hall
Perry Street
Vento Trattoria

The main factor, other than food, would be a preference for not too much noise.

I'll thank you in advance because, with the current method of forcing you to log in, I won't be able to return during the day.

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  1. August would be first for me! Lovely and intimate atmosphere, great food and sophisticated setting.

    1. August did have a very attractive menu for RW, though if you could get in, I would try Perry Street. Alfama has a prix-fixe during the rest of the year that you can try later.

      1. Perry St. I like August, but the prices are reasonable any day, so it's not worth it to go for RW. I think Capsouto Freres is incredibly mediocre. I haven't been to the others.

        1. If you went to Perry Street tonight, we might have crossed paths... I thought they did a good job with the restaurant week menu--there weren't many choices, but what was there was delicious and very satisfying.

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