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Mail Order Coffee

I'm in search of a new coffee supplier. I've been buying my coffee from Porto Rico Importing Co. in NYC for several years, but for some reason, I can hardly tell one coffee from another lately. I've been VERY pleased with their service (1-day delivery from NYC), and their prices are incredibly reasonable (many sell for just $7-8/pound), but I think I'm ready for a change. I've ordered from George Howell's Terroir Coffee a couple of times, and I've loved their products, but their prices are out of my range for everyday coffee.

Is there a coffee roaster that offers a great product at very reasonable prices that you'd recommend?

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  1. I like Cafe Britt - http://www.cafebritt.com/ They have free shipping if you order over a certain amount, and the coffee comes right from teh plantation.

    Prices are a little more than Porto Rico - Cafe Britt is about $8-9 for 12 ounces.

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      second cafe britt.... I bring it back from costa rica every year and love it...

    2. I've been using http://www.coffeeAM.com for about 5-6 years, and have always been pleased. Good choices in the roasting profiles, growing areas around the world, descriptions of the flavor notes of the beans, and a good selection of organic coffees.

      1. I love Rao's coffees.....luckily I can buy at my local Whole Foods as well, but they do mail order:


        1. Cindy, I have the same dilemma. I can't seem to find any coffee worth brewing except Baby's Coffee out of Key West. It's a bit out of my budget. Keep those suggestions coming.

          1. Jones Coffee Roasters of Pasadena, Calif. The Jones family owns their own coffee plantation in Guatemala, which assures the best quality control from field to your home. I like their "Chuck Rost", but end up buying more of their "Vienna Roast" because it is a bit more mild and more palatable to the Mrs.

            If you buy a given bean in five pound increments, they give you the wholesale price.


            1. I have liked the coffee from www.ecookbooks.com (Jessica's Biscuit). Most are around $8-9 per pound and they have free shipping if you either combine with a cookbook order or buy 3 pkgs.

              1. I really like Zabar's Vienna Roast and the French-Italian Roast. They ship and the coffee isn't expensive. They have a high volume so the coffee is pretty fresh.

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                  Does Zabar's roast their own coffee?

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                    I was in the store a few weeks back, and they've got a large roaster right there, that was working away. I'm not sure if they roast all of their own coffees, but they definitely roast some of them.

                2. The place I order from is Old Bisbee Roasters in Arizona. I really recommend visiting the website. This guy roasts amazingly good coffee and ships it quickly. And the first time I ever ordered from him, he called me at home to ask if I liked it...as I was drinking a cup of it... I really was impressed. I even gave up local roasters for this company.


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                      Stumptown, out of Portland OR. Google them-- they were highlighted in an interesting New York Times article not long ago. Amazing, amazing coffee. I really like the Holler Mountain blend for an everyday breakfast coffee. And if you're ever in Portland, treat yourself to the best latte you'll ever have. Clean and pure and properly done and delectable.

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                        Coffee choices are sooo personal. The website wholelattelove.com has a great selection of imported and domestic coffees and an extremely knowledgable sales staff who can suggest coffees you might like. I have been using them for several years and am very happy.

                    2. Intelligentsia Coffee in Chicago was selected by Roast Magazine as the best roaster of the year for 2007. Their Black Cat espresso blend is hubby and my favorite - aromatic, full-bodied with chocolate note, best used as base for milk drinks like latte (for me) and cappuccino (for hubby). I toured their roasting facility and was very impressed by the rigid measures taken by the company to ensure the quality right from the source.


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                        Intelly is clearly far, FAR too expensive for OP. Re-read her post.

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                          Their prices are great -- if you use lots of coffee. Five pounds of coffee beans is a lot to buy at one time -- for me, anyway.

                        2. I've been a fan of Green Mountain Coffee since I first started buying it up in Vermont some years ago. I was lucky enough to have a tour of the factory earlier this year (thanks to our own Sam Fujisaka) and I was amazed to see how many different types of coffee they offer. In a lot of stores you only see their "blends", which are great, but I've become a fan of their single origin and seasonal blends.

                          My particular favorite Green Mountain Coffee is Sumatran Lake Tawar. Their Wicked Winter Blend is also great. I bought 4 bags when we returned from Vermont this past winter. According to their site I have to wait until Winter 2010 for more - Oh No!!

                          You can find them here http://www.greenmountaincoffee.com/sh...

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                            Axalady absolutely right. Try Green Mtn. Coffee and you will be pleased. Not harsh like *bucks

                          2. The price you pay for coffee reflects its value. $8 a pound is insanely cheap- you can get about 40 cups of coffee from that pound. If that's your upper limit you're drinking too much coffee.

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                              I think equating quality with price is a big mistake. What's really
                              insane is the price paid by the gullible for Kona and the mostly fake
                              Jamaica Blue Mountain.

                            2. I've been ordering from Waterfront Roasters. They are wholesalers who normally supply to stores/restaurants on east coast - now they started selling individual bags...so I have been getting their estate-grown coffee at wholesale prices

                              1. Tastes vary a lot. There are many, many roasters listed on the
                                internet. After I tried a couple of dozen coffees, I settled on Eight
                                O'Clock whole bean Colombian. But you might find you
                                like Indonesian or African best. Why not keep sampling till
                                you find one you really like..

                                1. Try Old Bisbee Coffee Roasters. Amazing coffees and terrific service.