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Sep 7, 2001 02:09 PM

Puerto Rico

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Used to live in New York. Visited Puerto Rico (Sylvia's restaurant in the San Juan Hotel). Used to be this great Puerto Rican restaurant in NYC (I think it was on 116th) called Ponce de Leon. They served mofongo. Last time I was there, it was gone.

Questions: Does anyone know of any Puerto Rican restaurants in Southern California? If they don't serve mofongo, it's probably a Cuban restaurant masquerading as Puerto Rican. Also, does anyone know a good Puerto Rican restaurant in New York City? So next time I go ...

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  1. My mom's lame. She asked the right questions, but it looks like she wants to know about the country. She just wants Puerto Rican restaurant info.

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      are you sure it's your mom that's lame?