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Jan 28, 2008 05:04 AM

Nessa in Pt. Chester

My husband and I had dinner here last Thursday night. 6PM reservation. Have to start by saying the food was good. I had the "chicken under a brick" and my h. had rigatoni with bolog. sauce. The chicken was succulent the pasta sauce was not super fresh.

We started with 2 bruschettas(shared). We shared a beet salad with frisee in a mayo horseradish sauce. Tasty but not light. We asked our waitperson for at least a 15-20 period til entrees were served. No problem.

I'd say 2-3 minutes after the salad plates were removed, our entrees were delivered. Our wait person told the manager that we would not be happy. He decided not to intervene. At the end of our meal we disclosed our unhappiness with the service. We were not even offered coffee.

This seems to be a theme in many restaurants. The very good oneswill say, "tell me when you're ready for your entree". I guess some people like to get in and out of a restaurant. We had ordered a bottle of wine ($44) and we were fininished with dinner in an hour. What do you think? This really bothers us and generally we don't return to a restaurant that won't respect our wishes.

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  1. Ahhhhhhh, my deal breaker in restaurants, rushed service and uncaring management. I loathe and despise it.

    Darn, Nessa was on my list of 'must try' in 2008. I hope this was just a one off experience?

    1. I've been wanting to try Nessa for a while, but a little voice has been saying Valentine's Day wouldn't be the greatest day. I definitely won't be going there for that if the service is bad on a regular night.

      1. I went recently as well and thought the service could have been better. The most disappointing thing was the fact that our waiter never told us the specials, yet told the table right next to us! Hello?!? Unbelievable. Also, the original chef is no longer there. They took his bio off the website and everything.

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        1. re: Onoodles

          >>the original chef is no longer there.

          Good enough reason for me to take it off my 'must try in 2008' list. I still get the willies when I think of what the hack who replaced the chef at Zen Tango did to his signature dish of calamari. Brrrrr.

          Thanks for the heads up, Onoodles.

        2. Doreen, we had a very similar experience there and bizarrely ordered almost the exact same things with same results. Chicken was fabulous but rigatoni bolognese not so much. Had some bruschetta as well and a salad. We didn't request a wait between apps and entrees but before our apps. were even cleared the entrees had appeared. We were out for a leisurely anniversary dinner and had brought our own special bottle of wine - paid the corkage - and really didn't appreciate being rushed. I wrote about this on an earlier Nessa thread I believe. We felt hurried and didn't appreciate it. The fact that you actually specified the spacing and management didn't make appropriate compensation - comped coffee or dessert wine or dessert is more infuriating. Nessa is a higher end restaurant and they should know better and offer better service. Even in a diner I don't like it when my entree is on the table before or immediately after an appetizer/salad is finished. It's just poor service.

          They need to shape up soon because if the Batali-Bastianich Italian restaurant rumors are true and they open in the old Tarry Lodge spot, Nessa could well be done for.

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            1. re: dolores

              we eat there all the time and have found it to be consistently good. the service is usually great as is the food and he wine. sorry to hear you hit them on an off night. I will say the owner recently had a baby and has not been there as much maybe you hit it on a night he was out - try again - you won't be disappointed.

              1. re: KarenNYC

                Karen, I haven't been there yet (and frankly am hesitant to try them), but I was heartily agreeing with laylag on this, my deal breaker:

                >>Even in a diner I don't like it when my entree is on the table before or immediately after an appetizer/salad is finished. It's just poor service.

                1. re: dolores

                  I have to be honest - they usually tell you that they try to make it a dining experience and if you have to be somewhere to let them know. We usualyl go before a movie or something so an hour is good fo rus. on occasion we go just to go and have had a longer meal, I have never felt rushed out but I also never "timed" it to know.