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Sep 7, 2001 01:42 PM

crepes--Chez Puce

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Used to be a place called Chez Puce at Pico & Lincoln in Santa Monica with the best Brittany style crepes. Then it moved to the area of the Promenade. Then what happened? Whither Puce?

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  1. I remember that place. I think I heard she returned to france, if that's where she was from. she had a monster dessert crepe.

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      1. re: elisha

        Sidney Smith, M.D.! Oh yeah! A true classic.

        We used to take the No. 7 Pico bus to the beach and stop at the A&W root beer stand... You could buy root beer in a megaphone container...

      2. They used to give out free brownies at the front door. This was one of the first places I went on dates in high school, and was across the street from my high school in fact. The garlic butter crepe was the right price for a high school dating budget. this is one of my fondest restaurant memories of the 70s, along with Sundance Cafe and an "international" burger place on Highland or La Brea.

        1. ah yes, I remember it well..The ladies who made the crepes were so darn authentic looking..Does anyone remember the menu? I remember their blended coffees were excellent.

          1. I remember her! You'd walk in and there she was behind the counter, her hair in a pony tail, making crepe after crepe. The cartoon of her on the menu cover was drawn by long-time fan Sergio Aragones of Mad magazine fame. I remember the seafood crepe- all fresh clams, shrimp and scallops in garlic butter sauce!
            Wherefore art thou, Puce?

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            1. re: Michelly

              Chez Puce unfortunately passed on. Puce dies of breast cancer. Josette of Alzheimers. And I am the daughter with all the secret recipes! (: Perhaps one day it will re-open...

              1. re: nathcar

                My condolences to you.

                What a magical place!

                My very best to you...

                1. re: nathcar

                  So sorry to hear about Puce and Josette. Chez Puce was an amazing place. Puce made my wedding cake in 1974, a gorgeous croquembouche. I still have a pin with the drawing of her with her pony tail.

                  I would love to see it reopen!

                  1. re: nathcar

                    I am so sorry she passed on. Blessings to you & her family. Please,please,please reopen. I absolutely loved the crepe with the seafood-have not found anything close to it in all these years. We found Chez Puce & I fell in love with her cooking and we went once or three times a month. The French in me really identified with her cooking. My email is if you would like to let me know if you will reopen. Thank you.

                2. Wow, this is the week for excavating the OG posts.

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                      1. re: paranoidgarliclover

                        Well maybe if there is enough activity on this site, she would consider re opening again.

                        1. re: Cerrin

                          It worked for La Barbera's--no, wait.

                            1. re: Cerrin

                              What great memories. No one mentioned her pizza. I can still taste that buttery flacks crust that only the French could pull off.