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Jan 28, 2008 04:57 AM

Knife sharpening? Someone I can trust.

About a year ago, I bought a nice Japanese knife (misono) in Tokyo. It needs to be sharpened, but i want someone I can trust with my baby. The guy from whom I bought it explained to me in very detailed japanese some of the finer points on how to sharpen the blade. Unfortunately, I don't understand japanese, so the lesson was lost on me.

Does anyone know a good, reliable place where I can take my knife to be sharpened?

I live in the danforth/riverdale area. A location nearby would be most appreciated.

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    1. i second Nella Cutlery ... i believe most of the restaurants send their knives there...

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        And butchers as well. Nella has a knife rental programme for the pros.

      2. Nella is nearby, and they will send it to their patriarch in Mississauga, but you have to insist on whetstone sharpening (he probably would do this anyway, but you need to be sure.)
        When you get it back, you can buy a whetstone from Lee Valley (King Street West) and they will advise you on minimal upkeep, much safer than a steel for your very hard edge.
        Afterthought: if yours is stainless, and flat on one side, it can be maintained with a steel, using 4 strokes on the flat side and 7 on the angled edge:

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          Thanks, just bought some global-pro knives in japan and I will need a whetstone to sharpen it...

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            THanks for the tip, jayt90 et al. I'll go there.

            Mine is stainless with the one flat side. I'll get the whetstone, I think.

            As a side note, the Misono brand I'd never heard of until I was in Japan and the guy at the store strongly recommended it. I had been thinking Global or Mac since i was more familiar with the brands. My wife got the Global santoku knife and I got the Misono. I prefer mine by a country mile, although both are great.

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              How does Paul's (Montreal) price for Misono compare with Tokyo? I just found the link (in my earlier post) on Google, and it seems to be a good find.

              1. re: jayt90

                Mine is the 440 series Santoku. $111 (paul's) seems pricey compared to an equivalent Global which is less than a hundred, I think, but it's a better knife in my opinion. OVerall that site looks awesome if you want to order to lesser known brands. I just looked at the Opinel pocket knifes (lost mine a long time ago). $15. I saw the same one at williams sonoma for $25. That place is brutal.

                I think I paid $65-$70 for it in Tokyo. There's a neighbourhood that specializes in cooking supplies. Totally amazing knife shop and prices you wouldn't believe. I got my brother a ceramic knife (kyocera) for $40. A little gimmicky, but at that price, what the heck.

          2. Nikolai at Queen/Bathurst also does knife sharpening - I've been happy with the results.

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              Where exactly is Nikolai? They don't seem to be listed.

              1. re: FrenchSoda

                Two doors west of the burned out area of Queen

            2. The original comment has been removed