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best hot sauce restaurant and store

what restaurant hot sauce do you like the best
and what is your fav store hot sauce thank's

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  1. My favorite restaurant hot sauce is at La Hacienda Ranch.

    Store - probably the Arriba brands. However, I prefer to make my own salsa and rarely buy any at the store.

    1. I think Herrera's and Luna de Noche have the best. I don't buy salsa from the store I always make my own.

      1. Restaurant - Taqueria El Fuego - Richardson (SWC Campbell & Plano Rd) - Tomatillo & Avocado (Green)
        Store Brand - Captain Rodney's Hot Carribean Salsa

        1. I tried Hooks U Salsa after reading about it on the eats blog. It is my new fav salsa - very fresh tasting. http://eats.beloblog.com/archives/200...

          As far as restaurants, I love the smokiness of Pappasito's and Uncle Julio's.

          1. Veering a little from the traditional answer of salsa-type hot sauce, I love the smokey hot sauce at Dodie's Seafood. Dodie's offers 4 or 5 different kinds of hot sauces to accompany your meal, but the house sauce is by far the best. They don't sell it by the bottle though.

            1. In the store: Ana's fresh salsa, available in the refrigerated section of Central Market. Heavy on the garlic, which makes it addictive.

              1. in the store: East Side Cafe salsa its also in the refridgerator section, and maybe just in austin

                1. for the DFW area , El Mercado Cocina Mexicana , which is the Mexican restaurant located at the Dallas Farmers Market , has a truly outstannding hot sauce . It is so well balanced that you can eat it all day , yet it is hot and spicy . A truly great and well prepared version . The rest of their stuff is also good .

                  1. rudy's in irving has VERY good HOT sauce. it is very HOT

                    1. In the Houston area my picks would be:
                      Restaurant: Felix's - although nostalgic to me it is one of the more unique and tasty sauces in town. Lots of sauteed onions and spicy.
                      Bottled: Hell on the Red - I can eat a jar in one sitting. Delicious.

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                          sorry about that HELL on the red is Good