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Jan 27, 2008 09:01 PM

Best Apple Pie in Boston?

Hi guys!

So . . . I've never had apple pie before, and while all of my friends make fun of me for this, I really want to have my first slice to be the best possible to give apple pies a real chance. So I'm really hoping you guys had a really scrumptious piece of pie here in Boston that you can tell me about!



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  1. Are you from another country? Not a traditional apple pie, but I love the upside down apple dessert at McCormick & Schmick.

    1. TC, a dessert hound, would go back to Coach Grille in Wayland JUST for the apple pie...They're related to Abe and Louis, so maybethey share a pastry chef?
      It was full of apples, flakey crust, and not too sweet. served a la mode. A fine version to rate others against in the future.

      1. Petsi's is the only pie I'll buy. Her apple is quite good.

        1. Tastes in apple pie vary considerably, so I would recommend trying a few to give this classic dish a fair chance. Apple pie is my favorite dessert of all, but I am really picky and there are plenty of pies that I do not like. Although vanilla ice cream has become standard with apple pie, my older new england relatives still like their pie with a chunk of sharp cheddar cheese, or in a bowl with (fresh) cream. My personal favorite - room temperature apple pie for breakfast (no ice cream, though - that would be gross)

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            But you didn't say where your favorite is?

            1. re: bakerboyz

              Honestly, I make apple pie just they way I like it. I rarely eat any but my own - I actually thought about inviting the OP over for apple pie, but I have recently been placed on a diet that definitely does not include pie.

          2. Never had apple pie?

            Wow. I hope you enjoy your first slice. Petsi's, as mentioned, is good. I'd guess Flour Bakery makes a good one, too.

            But here's the million dollar question: are you going to top it with a slice of cheddar cheese?