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Sep 6, 2001 08:48 PM

Rice Porridge palace?

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I've been to Yu's Garden in Alhambra already...does someone else know more like it?
And for those who don't know, but want to try, Yu's Garden offers prepared dishes of which you can choose a variety. Everything comes in small servings so you can try serveral (like marinated whole calamari, stir fried chives, bitter melon, all sorts of bamboo shoots - especially the mini tips...yum)
You sit down, they bring it to you with a big bowl of rice porridge cooked with sweet potato.
Good eats.

And like Taiwanese style "xiao tsi" - little eats, or midnight snacks. More suggestions?

What every happened to Shiao Mei????

Thanks for the help.

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    Rusty Harding

    Is the Shiao Mei (Shao May?) you asked about the Shaved Ice Palace? If so, although the Alhambra location on Valley Boulevard is gone, there is one in Monterey Park just off Garfield, north of Garvey.