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Jan 27, 2008 08:21 PM

Why fage?

I have tried fage before but can't understand why everyone loves it so much. To me it taste like sour cream, which I like on tacos, but not alone. Also, it seems to negate a major benefit of yogurt- the calcium content is extremely low in comparison to regular yogurt.

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  1. Well, for me, I love how the 0% Fage is so creamy in texture even though it's fat-free. It's not all watery like American made yogurts. Pretty good protein content, too; no junky additives and still has the active cultures that are so healthy.

    1. I love fage for it's texture and smooth taste-maybe it was a certain brand that tasted sour? I love it drizzled with honey and fresh fruit.

      1. It does taste tangy like sour cream, I sub it for sour cream on everything I like sour cream on. It doesn't have the sugar added and unnatural flavoring of regular yogurt so you need to add your own like jelly, pure maple syrup is awesome on it, honey. I like it alone too, but I like tangy foods.

        I like the taste of it with that on it better than regular yogurt, which I find to sweet and full of additives. Perhaps you didn't add anything? I would try it again. But it is a great sub for bad for you sour cream I eat it on tex-mex, baked potatoes, gyro, chili, etc.

        My stepmom makes her own yogurt which is incredible, if I had that kind of time I would, it tastes a lot like Fage though.

        1. I guess you could ask why anything. I can't imagine how people eat what passes for yogurt when they could eat fage. I'm not sure what you mean by "regular" yogurt but a lot of the more ordinary American brands seem watery to me, and mainly sour, instead of complex and flavorful. In Greece, regular yogurt is a lot like fage, and when I'm there I can't get enough of it. With honey.

          1. First time I had Greek yogurt, in Cyprus, I was blown away. Had the same experience with Fage when I got back to the States. After a while I realized that it's not that hard to make a similar product by straining pretty much any brand of plain yogurt, as long as it's not loaded up with thickeners and other crap. So really any brand of 'natural' plain yogurt, I guess. Just put it in a drip coffee maker or a strainer lined with a coffee filter and let it drip for a few hours, until it's as thick as you want it. Really good!

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              Although this is a matter of opinion, I'd rather believe food from the country of origin is more authentic than variations of it made in another country. (i.e., pizza) By authenitic, I mean utilizing the ingredients to their best advantage, nutrient- and flavor-wise.

              Give me European-style yogurt any day over American-style. There are several domestic yogurts made in the Eurpean style that I like: Nancy's and Mountain High are on my short list. Thick, rich and creamy, they have a tang and depth of flavor than Dannon, Continental, etc., can't touch.