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Sep 6, 2001 06:50 PM

Jones Cafe on Santa Monica Blvd.

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I've noticed this place in Hollywood many times over the years. Has the kind of exterior look a old places in San Francisco.

Anyone know about the food and menu?

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  1. Definitely and most importantly, Jones is a "see and be scene" spot with ambiance in spades (inexplicably my Mom and boyfriend LOVE it). The food is above average but not stellar, it's pretty reasonably priced. Grilled fish/meats, pastas and salads, done inoffensively and well. They used to have a trout grilled on cedar plank with mashed sweet potatoes and crispy spinach (tossed in olive oil and baked, I think) which was just heavenly, but generally I'm a little underwhelmed by their menu.

    The bar is gorgeous but cramped and loud. If you get there early enough you can sit, sip cocktails, nosh on appetizers and watch the beautiful people...then maybe go eat somewhere else. :)

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      More of Everything

      I was there a few weeks ago, after not having been there in a few years.

      Lisa's review pretty much sums it up. The scene kinda looks like out of a beer commercial. Good looking twentysomething crowd, w/ loud music blaring on the Friday night I was there. If you want a warm-up before hitting the Hollywood clubs, then this is your place. Otherwise, better meals can be had elsewhere.

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        I don't know anything about it, but I do know that my husband just interviewed John Corbitt (Sex and the City & Northern Exposure) and he mentioned he owned it.

        Just a useless piece of trivia to add nothing important to the question posed.