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Jan 27, 2008 06:48 PM

Sunday Brunch -- London, ON

I want to get some feedback on having Sunday Brunch in the Forest City.

I've had Sunday Brunch at the Delta Armouries, and was pleasantly surprised!
It was quite good, with a nice selection -- breakfast items, omelette bar, hot items, carvery, pasta bar, sauteed shrimp station, waffle bar, desserts (they need work!) salads, breads, and coffee and juice included for $25/person (plus tax and tip).

I've also been to On The Fork in Museum London.
Beautiful space and professional service.
Pricey, but good (not great).

Anyone been to Volker's???

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  1. My family and I went to Volker's last year for Easter Brunch and will never go back to Volker's! They advertise it as the typical price for brunch--$25 or $30 but trust me, at the end, it will cost you alot more than that! When we sat down, they offered us coffee, orange juice or mimosas. I've been to the Elm Hurst many times for Easter Brunch and for $26 per person, it includes mimosas. So, when we were offered, several of us ordered mimosas and several also ordered coffee. The food was good, not great but good. Nothing different than any other brunch I've been to. Throughout the brunch, like anywhere else, the wait staff kept returning and offering coffee refills and more juice and mimosas. At the end of the meal, when we got the bill, we were charged for EVERYTHING! All mimosas, all glasses of juice and most shocking...every single cup of coffee! I can go to a diner for breakfast for $5.95 and get unlimited coffee! The brunch ended up costing close to $70 per person. We all nearly fell off our chairs when the bill came. It sooo was not worth that money!