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Jan 27, 2008 05:49 PM

Rehearsal Dinner in DFW - Downtown/Uptown


I am getting married in April and we need rehearsal dinner recommendations. We prefer that the restaurant location be downtown, or not any further north than uptown. We've thought of Mattito's, Dallas Fish Market, Avanti...any others? Thank you!

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  1. For the best of both worlds handling a party like that and great food you cannot go wrong with Mattitos especially in April, with the open sun rooms and the nice atmosphere it is great...just dont go on will be packed.

    1. My wife and I held our rehearsal dinner a few years ago in the upstairs room at Arcodoro Pomodoro, on Routh St. in Uptown, and everything was executed flawlessly. I highly recommend it. See for private event info.

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        One of my friends also had her rehearsal dinner at Arcodoro/Pomodoro in 2006-- but the service was terrible. The waitstaff tried to cover the long lull (estimated to be over an hour) between the appetizer and main course by continually pouring vino. The result was a bride who was sick ALL day, into the night on her wedding day.

      2. Marie Gabrielle is a hidden gem! I think it is but not sure. They also do weddings outside and indoor receptions. Great food!