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Sep 6, 2001 06:18 PM

In 'N Out "secret" menu

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I keep hearing that In 'N Out Burgers has a whole other menue of items that you have to know about to order. (e.g. 4x4's etc) Anyone know where to get a comprehensive list of this menu or if not available just to let me know what to order if I'm tired of the usual combos there?

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  1. Welcome, stranger. But if we told you, it wouldn't be a secret any more, would it?

    (Just kidding; if someone doesn't weigh in, do a search for "animal style" or "In-n-Out")

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    1. re: TE

      Found a list, but not sure how complete it is...


    2. Maybe the "secret" menu is the one you have to order from if you don't want to leave the place feeling nauseous.

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      1. re: 2chez mike

        Unless you're a vegan, maybe you should try "The Deal" at Fatburger (and check out the jukebox) or Cassel's on 6th Street.