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Jan 27, 2008 05:21 PM

Graziella restaurant

I just read a raving review of Graziella in Voir this week. I was curious to have someone else's take on this restaurant before I take my wife there for her birthday.


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  1. Had lunch at Graziella just before the holidays. Very open, classy space, with high ceilings. Linen plus good quality flatware and stemware give its fine-dining wings.

    Attentive service from Alexandre the maitre d'hotel and part owner, knowledgeable of food and wine. I opted for the $25 lunch menu fixe, with grilled octopus and sirloin steak. Delicious, classic mediterranean italian flavour combinations and elegant presentation.

    Chic, muted space with all the details, devoid of the corny cosmo-tini crowd of the area.
    Graziella, the chef, was greeting tables as we left.

    Thumbs up.

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      Thanks a lot! I'm still tergiversing but we'll probably go. Did you have the chance to see the prices on the dinner menu? Because if it is too expensive I might just go back to CC&P.

    2. Just had dinner at Graziella's on Saturday. Food , service and ambiance was exceptional. We were a party of seven extremely particular and demanding diners and without exception everyone raved.

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