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Sep 6, 2001 05:53 PM

Off subject-Need help with an LA Karaoke place?

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Sorry if this is off subject but just read the review on the Brass Monkey Karaoke Bar in the LA Times and I am in search of a restaurant & karaoke bar suitable for a small birthday party for my 16 year old daughter. Any ideas?

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  1. I can't remember the name, but there is a little French restaurant (decent food, better dessert) on the south west corner of Wilshire and San Vicente. They have karaoke there - also some colorful characters who are clearly regulars. I went there for a b-day party early this year and there were a couple of youngins there.
    There's also Korean or Japanese style "private booths" - aka Norebang (sp?) you can get in K & J town. They serve liqour , beer, and snacks...some places have the strange but tasty tray of roasted peanuts, dried squid, and shrimp chips. Captain 21's on Western & 5th and Debut on 6th and Kingsley.
    Grand Star in Chinatown is a gem (Mommy, the bartendress makes homemade food she shares with her customers, and the restaurant there does standard chinese fare)...but I don't know if they let kids in. Frank, the 3rd generation chinese owner is a gentleman has pipes just like Frank Sinatra.
    The karaoke there is "live" with a pianist and drummer - make sure you know the song cause there are no lyric sheets. On weekdays, there's the regular laserdisc karaoke with the cheezeball videos.