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Jan 27, 2008 05:08 PM

OTTAWA: 3 days 3 nights and in need of restaurant and pub recos

Hi chowhounders

I will be in Ottawa Monday through Thursday this week and would love to hear your ideas about where I must eat, drink and be merry while in your city. I am on an expense account, so, while I don't want to sound boorish, money won't be an issue. that said, most expensive is often least interesting,and I really love those little spots talented chefs open when they break free from the 5-star palace.

I enjoy Japanese, Italian, Indian, French, and North American. A good English pub is impt to know about, as is the evening music scene during the week. Can someone fill me in please?

The Montreal Beachbum

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  1. I really liked my meal at Domus last summer. Found their mains to be innovative & delicious, and my dessert was fantastic.

      1. I recommend Beckta. We were there about a year ago for a special night out and it was excellent! And you can make reservations on-line - love that...

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          the works..they have half a dozen or so locations throughout the city!!
          Causal but fun with GREAT bugers (IMHO).

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            I like The Works, too, for fun burgers and shakes.


            If you're looking for something fancier, and you have time for a run out to Kanata (about a half hour from downtown), I've had some very good meals at Perspectives in the Brookstreet Hotel - both from the menu and several chef's tasting menus.


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              Oops, I should have read the FAQ before trying to use Chow Places.

              525 Legget Dr, Ottawa, ON K2K, CA

              The Works
              580 Bank St, Ottawa, ON K1S, CA

        2. Beckta is great, but I've always like Stella as well. Good food, nice ambiance & there's a great place across the street (don't remember what it's called, but there's stone on the facade I think) for drinks afterward.

          Ottawa, Ottawa, ON , CA

          1. Hey SM, a late entry, I sent these to my mom the other day after searching the boards for tips for her since she lives in Ottawa, a few repeats but check 'em out...

            -Signatures by Le Cordon Bleu Paris:
            -The Wellington Gastropub:
            -Sweet Basil & Anna Thai:
            -Nokham Thai:

            -Les Fougères:

            -Chez Piggy:
            -Le Chien Noir Bistro:
            -Lukes Cafe
            -Woodenheads Gourmet Pizza:
            -Pan Chancho (brunch/takeout):

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              Hey Recyclor. I was on my lonesome nt before last so a pub was definitely the way to go. tried manx and it was perfect. Great atmosphere. Surprisingly good food and oh very lovely lass. Smokin lovely!!!!

              1. re: SpellMan

                I believe the credit is due to ryth (below)...but thanks for the feedback on your findings I'll have to check it out when in town visiting the parents and need a break!