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Jan 27, 2008 04:44 PM

Birthday Party at the Edision what do you think?

Thinking about having my birthday at the Edison bar in downtown LA? What do you think?

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  1. No Way!!! Terrible service, bad food, and overpriced. Great decor is only thing going for this place.

    1. It's certainly trendy so depending on what kind of vibe you want for your birthday party, it may be a good place. Otherwise, agree with everything kobechow says. (They do have 35 cent martinis on Thursdays or so I read)

      1. i like the atmosphere... haven't tried the food tho.. drinks are pretty generous.

        1. I am looking for a place to celebrate my birthday as well and emailed the Edison a week ago to check on room availability. They still haven't replied to me, so it's off my list. I already had heard pretty negative things about the place - silly velvet rope policies included. I hear that the place is great for after work drinks, and the decor is certainly very cool. Otherwise, if you're looking for a vibrant singles scene and you or your friends have good luck getting into discriminating bars, then this is your place.

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            Same thing happened with me... wanted to book a birthday party of mine for around 75 guests with open bar (not sure which restaurant would turn down THAT kind of party). Well, I have an extremely busy schedule so all I want to do is talk to a person, give them a deposit via credit card, and rest assured that the party is booked. I called the management at Edison and they repeatedly insisted that I work everything through email... fill out an application so they can review it and then they would contact me IF they would book it... totally ridiculous protocol for a place claiming to be so classy. I emailed them telling them that I wasn't going to fill out an application but that they can call me because there was too much at stake to rely on emails (75 guests invited with no assurance that I have secured a reservation). Well, they finally called me back... 8 hours prior to my party (which I had booked elsewhere minutes after sending my email to them). I actually laughed at them on the phone and told them I'd never hold a party there nor would I recommend it to anyone. So here I am, NOT recommending it to you. There are too many restaurants around town with generous management willing to make your experience a great one. Don't bother with Edison. BTW, I should've seen it coming when I discovered the Edison as I was walking past it in the alley where it is. I was wearing nice jeans and a collared shirt and walked up to the hostess to inquire about making reservations... but never really got there as I was stopped by TWO staff people and told that I couldn't enter that far into the restaurnat dressed the way I was... at 3pm on a Thursday!!!! I'll be surprise if they're open past the end of this year with that kind of customer service.

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              Where did you end up having your party? I'm looking for a venue for 80 people. It is so hard to find the right venue! What is up with people not calling you back (I didnt' even try the Edison because they SUCK...waste of a beautiful space) but I find that these wanna-be trendier places just can't be bothered...anyway, curious to know where you had your party and if you would recommend it. Thanks.

          2. hell no! i know someone who had a birthday party there but no one could get in! she's very connected type who works in hollywood and her boyfriend is a DJ/Artist who also seems to know everyone. very hip stylish couple and their friends are too. and non eof those people got in. also their dress code is ridiculous. this is southern california people, not NY in the 1920's. no jeans? c'mon. these are the days when denim sells for $300 at Barney's. i too will be surprised if it lasts more than a year.

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              I've been here recently. You can wear jeans, just as they are not wrecked or as the doorman put it "the Ed Hardy special". No tennis shoes, and you need a collard T-shirts with blazers even. I like the place, the food was surprisingly good for appetizers and the drink selection (esp. the beer) was great and not really overpriced considering the venue.

              I talked to the Hostess and she recommended using Opentable for reservations, except for parties over 10 in which you would call their person to put a deposit in.