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Jan 27, 2008 04:33 PM

Best Happy Hour for Food and Drinks...

I love happy hour. what are your favorites??

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  1. Living in the San Fernando Valley, I enjoy the following places for Happy Hour:

    1. Arnie Morton's - 3400 W. Olive Ave. in Burbank
    2. McCormick & Schmick's - 3500 W. Olive Ave. in Burbank
    3. 94th Aero Squadron - 16320 Raymer in Van Nuys
    4. Odyssey - 15600 Odyssey Drive in Granada Hills
    5. Smoke House - 4420 Lakeside Drive in Burbank

    1. are you just asking about places in Burbank then?

      1. Chadaka Thai, San Fernando Rd, downtown Burbank

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          Oh yes, luswei!
          I love CHADAKA THAI and their happy hour is great!!! All the appetizers(which are worth every penny at regualr price) are something like $4 and the same size as at regular hours. The drink specials rock, and if it's a Tuesday, they have a 1/2 price bottle of wine deal all day.
          Good music, nice space, fresh, quality food lots of booze to choose from, and plenty of great beers!

        2. no, not just in burbank...i live in pasadena. i like cafe bizou, yard house, mi piace...just wondering other places around los angeles :) any suggestions would be great....esp te los feliz/silverlake area

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            Well, in Pasadena, Lake on Magnolia is good for happy hour.