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Jan 27, 2008 04:09 PM

Superbowl Sunday?

Hi! My husband and I arrive in Dallas (we are staying at the Westin DFW) for some business on Superbowl Sunday. Any suggestions of where we could go hang out and watch the game and get some tasty eats? We are open to any kind of food. We are from Atlanta, Georgia and my husband is really into football but I am not so much so a place where a married couple in their 30's could kick back and I could not be too entirely bored by the experience! :) Thanks so much!

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  1. Check and see if they are doing anything across the street in Victory park, they have been having events now for all the big days like New Years, Rose Bowl, they are trying to push victory park and so far the parties have been homeruns, great food etc..I dont know about superbowl..but man if they arent doing something I should consider promoting a party..some money to be made there.. OK well since you are staying at the Westin you are obviously loaded, so price is not an issue...So here are some great places to go.. Cool River in Las Colinas (extensive tequila selection and cigar humidor) very dark mahogany wood type feel to the place it is a sports bar but upscale, but not so upscale that it is uptight. There is also the Fox Sports Grill...Awesome place, couches and lounge chairs to watch the game TVS EVERYWHERE...I'd say this is your best bit..only a 25 min drive from downtown 15 if no cops...It is in Plano.

    1. The Gaylord Hotel has a fantastic sports bar, it is also a fun place to go and just walk around.

      1. I think you might need to make a reservation when you decide where you want to go.

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          These sound like great options! I'm going to look into if we need to make reservations. Thanks again!