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Marix Tex-Mex

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  • jeff Sep 6, 2001 02:44 PM
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For what this is worth, after 6 years living in LA, finally made it to Marix Tex-Mex (the one on Entrada and PCH-havn't been to West Hollywood yet). IN spite of nearly unbearable noise-level (poor design for a restaurant of this size) best Tex-Mex I've had since I've lived here. Outstanding, from the chips and salsa, quesadilla with guacamole and an asada combo that included the best steak I've head in years and an exceptional chicken enchilada. Great chipotle sauce on the side and the Corona Beer was just this side of being frozen so it stayed ice-cold through the meal.
Anyone been to the WeHo one? (other branches??) Equally as good there?

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  1. v
    Vanessa On The Town

    The Weho Marix is a party scene for WeHo'ers, no pun intended. If you really want to sample the cuisine without being elbow to elbow with 500 good looking well dressed guys chatting rythmically to thumping house music, then try it at lunch time, early afternoon or Sunday brunch. It's easier to get a table and the food is a bit better when it's not insane there. Pretty traditional as far as Tex-Mex goes, but it's very hit and miss. I'm from Texas, so I know what it should taste like. Guac is good, but sometimes they put in Jalapeno's that are way too fresh and hot and I can't taste the rest of my meal. Other times it's fine. I like their food, but don't expect nouveau. It's Tex-Mex straight up. I've had good and bad meals there. If you like the party scene, go any night between Wednesday and Sunday, and get a pitcher of their great margarita's. Also it's open air with a retractable canvas roof which makes it nice on warm evenings. Party on!

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      Er, how do I say this? As a gay chowhound, I think Vanessa has described the merits of Marix quite nicely. Occasionally I'll go for a quick fix of the Weho scene -- but never really for the food.

      Speaking of Tex-Mex, what about the bbq beef tacos at Lucy's? I think I've reco'd them here before. Anyway, had em again last night. They're made with shredded beef saturated with a sweet cue sauce. Tasty -- but not very Mexican -ish. Is this similar to anything served on the Rio Grande, or am I way off?

      1. re: Rafi
        Vanessa On The Town

        Hey Rafi re: BBQ Tacos. When I was a kid in Houston there used to be a place called Backyard BBQ that was shaped like a barn. The inside was traditional Texas style with wood picnic tables, wood walls, deer antlers and neon beer signs. Classic. They had something called BBQ Enchiladas. It was actually BBQ Brisket, BBQ Sauce, Cheddar cheese and onions wrapped in Flour tortillas and topped with sour cream. They were so good. Of course I was 16. Probably about 80 grams of fat per. I try not to eat that way today, but maybe as a comfort food relapse I might do it. Also this is definitely not very Mexican style food, but very Texan.

        1. re: Vanessa On The Town

          sounds great! think it's still there?

          Weirdly, there's a chance I'll be in Houston for my bday next month...

          1. re: Rafi
            Vanessa On The Town

            Sadly, I think the building is still there, but it's not that restaurant anymore. I'll double check, as my family and friend's are still there. E-mail me your e-mail address, if you have one and I'll find out some other recs for you, restaurants and otherwise, wink wink. Houston actually has some amazing food and a pretty fun nightlife. The people there are very colorful.

            1. re: Rafi
              Vanessa On The Town

              OH MY GOD, it's still there. I just got off the phone with Backyard Barbeque in Houston Texas. They said that they still have the Barbeque enchiladas and the only thing that's really changed is they've expanded. That rocks!! I'm going next time I'm home to visit. Anyway, the address in Houston is 5625 Fondren near Westpark. Their phone number if you need directions is 713-784-3215. I hope it's good. Let me know.

      2. you didn't mention the best reason to go there: the sizzling apple pie a la mode (on a skillet, grilled with caramel). amazing.

        1. The owner of Mexicali Cantina in Studio City, formerly the GM of Marix, is opening the former Scandia restaurant at 9040 Sunset in weho in the next few days. Name of Senoritas on Sunset. Gorgeous remodel. Only time will tell about the food. Certainly a good place for chowhounds to get the lowdown even though the first few weeks are not the fairest way to judge a restaurant. 310-274-6662

          1. m
            Mike Kilgore

            It is so odd that you just posted about Marix in SM Cyn. We went a few times when it was brand new, (has to have been at least 15 years ago, maybe more?), and then never went back. Yesterday I was taking a slightly different route through SM Cyn on my bike, and there it was. I could not believe it was still there after all these years, (and beers?). We will now have to go again. Thanks for the post.