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Jan 27, 2008 03:44 PM

Carved watermelons

Hi there -

Anyone know where we can purchase carved watermelons in SW Ontario/Toronto?

Check these puppies out!

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  1. you may be able to special order them from Pi-Tom's on Alexander St. The women who chefs at PiTom's did a full year of fruit carving as part of her chef's training in Thailand -- it's a serious part of the traditional curriculum there.

    1. Those photos are great! A beautiful centrepiece for any dinner party or reception

      1. hmm - you should inquire at the Metropolitan hotel or other hotels that cater to asian clientele - lai Wah heen may have a fruit carver on staff who does this. Alternatively, you can check with George Brown College. They have a course and therefore an instructor who may be able to point you in the right direction.

        1. bumping this up - does anybody know of any private caterers or individuals who do fruit art/carvings/arrangements? looking for something more creative than the offerings at Edible Arrangements to take the place of a birthday cake for someone on a low cholesterol diet.
          thanks in advance!

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            Don at Dessert Trends showed me his watermelon craving before. It's gorgeous!
            Check it out:

            1. It's common in India at weddings and parties, and I've seen it at Maroli. There are a few pictures here: