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Naples, Avoid Preston's Steakhouse

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The Naples area has many very good steakhouses but this one left us feelinglike we were taken advantage of. It is a very small place, family run--we heard the steaks were good so we figured it would be such a nice change from the large steakhouses. Well the large steakhouse have the right formula--they charge a lot but you leave feeling it was worth it for a special experience. This place, charges the same prices ( maybe more) and the only positive is that the steaks were very well prepared, char on the outside, juciy inside. The service is very slow because the owner makes the waitstaff do everything from greeting customer to making the drinks, cutting the steaks etc. The service was not polished or experienced like one would expect with these prices. But to top the entire evening off, after ordering a $200 bottle of wine, rounds of drinks, appetizers for all of us, salads for everyone and desserts--they charged a $10 plate fee because 3 of us ate the $90 40 oz steak & one person ate a $60.00 steak. They said the $90 steak is for 2 people only! How rude, and what bad business to be so petty, especially for a family run small place. We tried to be patient witht the service even thought it was terrible but this really ruined a very expensive dinner. The desserts were we told are very special, they only make 2 types of cake a night and it is made by the owners wife in her own kitchen. Well we tried both and they were terrible! Dry, icing too sweet.....

I do have a great tip for this general area ( in Bonita Springs)...if you like downhome Italian food try a small place in the Albertson's shooping center called Za Za's - really excellent. Inexpensive, great atmosphere ( very small so call ahead)-- it really is a breath of fresh air--it's like places in Little Italy in NYC.

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  1. Just came across this. There is no better steak house in Naples.... and it is as good as it gets anywhere.

    1. I recently had an excellent meal at the new Capital Grill. Service was professional, the steak was nicely charred and perfectly cooked, good caesar salad, and outstanding sides, including wonderful sauteed mushrooms and great lobster mac and cheese. They let you bring your own wine and charge $25.

      I also love the Strip House, with one of the best all time side dishes of goose fat potatoes.

      1. I am shocked to hear of your bad experience at Preston's! This is our absolute favorite steakhouse anywhere! We measure all other steakhouses against Preston's. We love that the wait staff is always the same and takes their time with the very high quality service. We love that the owner, wife and children are involved in the experience. The steaks are always perfect! The sides, desserts and wine list are always excellent as well. Perhaps you caught them on an off night. I would highly recommend you give them another try. Good luck!

        1. After paying $90 (!!!!!) for the 40 ounce steak there isn't a person on earth who should have the right to tell you how many people are going to eat it. "Rude" is an understatement.
          It's disgusting!
          I wouldn't go there if I had a coupon for two free full meals. Thanks for the warning! :-)

          1. MsRev was out of town for the weekend and I thought I would finally try Preston's. I really wanted to and expected to dislike this place for several reasons. I stopped in a few years ago on my own wanting to sit at a bar, have a big steak, and watch some sports. Preston's had no bar and half the patrons seemed to be hooked up to oxygen tanks. The menu looked expensive and bland. I walked out. The horrid experience by Iwa was the kicker. I've since heard some good things so I felt I should judge myself. The meal was terrific and I heartily recommend the restaurant.

            I was a bit skeptical at first because the bread they brought out was similar to Wonder bread-not my favorite. I prefer a nice crusty baguette. The caesar salad was fine, better than many steakhouse versions.

            I decided to pig out and go for the $65 bone in NY. It's an outrageous price but a huge piece of meat. Everything is cooked on charcoal grills in the kitchen and the steak was perfectly charred and delicious with a hint of that outdoor bbq flavor we all love so much. The skillet potatoes which looked boring were sauteed with onions in a cast iron skillet and were wonderfully crispy on the outside, and fluffy inside. Creamed spinach was not very creamy or rich, allowing you to taste more spinach than fat. The coconut cake was moist and not overly sweet or rich-a very good version.

            My server was quite attentive and knowledgable about the menu and wine list. I don't remember his name. He allowed me to taste 3 different reds before deciding what to pair with my steak.

            Preston's is quite pricey but I'm not sure anymore so than other good steakhouses-other than that bone-in NY. I would return here anytime.

            1. also have been to Preston's several times, as a local. i have never eaten a better steak. if you're into the Peter Luger experience, a former employee from there has a place called Andre's in Naples. and one last thing. the chocolate cake at Preston's is to die for.

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                Zeits, I'm not sure when you were at Andre's but I believe it has really gone downhill. When I first moved to the area 8 years ago it was excellent-the best game in town. My last visit was 2 years ago and it was barely mediocre. The sides weren't as tasty and the meat was just not the same. I believe that with all the competition that has sprung up, including Flemmings, Ruth Chris, Strip House, etc., it had eaten into their profits and they were forced to cut costs, including the quality of their beef.

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                  that's about right--8 yrs ago was the last time i was there. Flemings is ok as well as Strip House. even Capital Grill you need to be careful what you order--i made the mistake of ordering one the specialty steaks--a steak with a spicy mushroom rub and it was mediocre. one doesn't go to Preston's for atmosphere (although i like the austerity)--but rather the importance of being with someone special and sharing a great meal.

              2. I have dined at many numerous to mention steak houses in this continent,and this restaurant is superb in all respects.Clayton and his wife who are the owners along with his staff present
                an excellent steak and seafood cuisine that frankly in my opinion are a cut above the rest.This restaurant is a jewel and every one of my clients as do myself give it 5 STARS +A+++++

                Preston's Steak House
                109 9th St S, Naples, FL 34102

                1. While I believe in the sincerity of the 2008 reviewer, Preston's is a very, very good Steak Joint comparable to the best in the area. Please read the other reviews here and the other websites before making up your mind. The reviewer is correct about pricing, but not about level of service. Best to consider reviews from frequent diners as one visit is just that and should be factored in with all others. Yes, we dine at Preston's for a steak "fix" but don't limit our fare to just red meat. After all, you next to the Gulf of Mexico with its bounty of fresh fish.