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Jan 27, 2008 03:11 PM

Parents are picky eaters - help!

My parents are taking me out to dinner for my birthday; I get to pick where I want to go. As a college student, I want to try somewhere new that would not normally be in my budget (yet still under $30 per entree). But my parents are NOT adventerous eaters (they only really go to american places, steakhouses, and if they are feeling really brave maybe italian). I'd also like to stay somewhere downtown... Also, they would be totally overwhelmed by anything with a trendy atmosphere.

Where should we go?

I've already taken them to Ruth Chris and Delmonico's (both were good), maybe something like that?

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  1. The Bridge Cafe is downtown, historic and serves great, familiar food.

    1. Ruth's Chris and Delmonicos are not really below $30 per entree, but if you are OK with that, you can go to Morton's or The Palm, or if you want to stay downtown, try Angelo and Maxie's. There are plenty of places that have steak on their menu though. For example, I was at Artesenal for brunch today, they have hangar steak with fries, or fish with fries. Not sure if that is too trendy for them, or the menu might be overwhelming, but if you check it out on their website, you can see the menu in advance. Alot of restaurants now have that, and I find that it is a good way to see if everyone will be happy. If you want to go a little further uptown, there is Smith and Wolensky's, which is another steak place.

      1. Po on Cornelia St. in the W. Village would be safe, but delicious, I think.

        Blue Ribbon Bakery on Downing/Bedford in the W. Village also has enough safe, old school things on the menu to keep them happy (read: steak, fried chicken, burgers), but some more adventurous options for you, if you'd like to branch out (sweetbreads, liver pates, tongue, smoked fish).

        I should add that both restaurants have a very low key, non-glitzy vibe. Makes for pleasant dining.

        1. You can try Keens. While some selection of entrees are over $30, the portion is so big that you can share among two people.

          1. How about the Soho Grand hotel? Good safe food, nice atmosphere....

            Zoe's in Soho also might fit the bill.

            Would Blue Hill in the village be too costly/ unique?