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Jan 27, 2008 02:42 PM

Bonefish Grill - East Brunswick

We were seated at a nice table, and although the paper table clothes and music that was playing didn't compliment the atmosphere very well, overall, I kinda liked the atmosphere. Much better than most chain restaurants. The water and bottle of wine took a while to arrive, but the food came rather quick.

Albeit, the main course wasn't supposed to come yet, as my girlfriend had ordered a Caesar Salad!

Doh! Chalking it up as an oh-well, meals here now, kind of thing. The meal. I ordered the small filet, and it was good, especially for the price. I ordered it medium-rare, knowing that they would over-cook it at least a little to medium, thankfully, the did cooked it just how I liked it. It was a damn good 18$ filet!

my girlfriend, ordered hers medium, (she ordered the Filet special, which was topped with shrimp and some sauce) and it came WELL, not a hint of pink, which, thankfully(and unfortunately), she is ok with. Potatoes were good, can't screw them up too much. To make up for the salad debacle, the waitress offered us dessert in which we indulged in the newly added to the menu Strawberry Shortcake which consisted of strawberrys, some melted vanilla ice cream, and a shortbread-type biscuit that grew on me. Overall a decent meal, especially for the price. The (young?) manager, or whomever was asking everyone how there meal was needed either clothes that fit him, or someone to tell him that you can't pull off "the sag" with a tucked in dress shirt and dress pants...

I'd go again. It was 78$ pretip (31 of it a bottle of wine). The service wasn't great, but I didn't expect all that much....the filet actually made up for it in my book, it certainly surprised me. The portions weren't huge, and the spaghetti squash was a little bland, but I'm not a fan of spaghetti squash to begin with, my girlfriend really liked it though.

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  1. Thay have come up from the south ..There are now 3 in the Myrtle Beach area ..all are Packed ..The food is good and the service is excellent ( they are taught well) more places should take there leed . Ate @ the Brick Twp Bone Fish last nite ..great stop packed ..Should I say more ...