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Jan 27, 2008 02:38 PM

"kIds menu" at better restaurants

location doesnt really matter. Took the family to Blue Smoke( the kids are generally well behaved) this weekend and very much enjoyed it - obviously loud atmosphere but with a very nice kids menu- entree(grilled cheese/macaroni/smaller bbq dishes etc)+side +drink+cookie you design+ small dessert=9.50 , Great place for kids & adults. Had a similar nice meal which the kids liked at Ruby Foos awhile ago also with a well priced kids menu. Anyway was looking into other places (dinosaur bbq among many others...) which did not have an actual kids menu and know the portions would be too much. Other places that came too mind did not neccesarily have food my kids would eat (pizza , fries, plain pasta, grilled cheese...come to think of it that may be it!). Not interested in chains (fridays etc) but solid good (or preferably excellent) places- this leaves out the tourist traps Mars2112 etc. In a nutshell- great food for adults with a kids menu.....

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  1. Most of the "better" places don't have "kids menus" -- just order a starter or split something between them if you want to got to really nice places.

    1. Landmarc is a fairly good "better restaurant." They have an extensive children's menu:

      Kid's Landmarc Burger or Chicken Burger french fries
      English Muffin Pizza
      Pigs In a Blanket
      Grilled Cheese with or without ham. whole wheat or white bread, french fries
      PB & J whole wheat or white bread, french fries
      PB & Nutella whole wheat or white bread, french fries
      Chicken Fingers french fries
      Fish Sticks french fries
      Orecchiette butter or tomato sauce
      Celery & Carrot Sticks peanut butter
      Hard Boiled Eggs aioli
      Green Eggs & Ham Pesto
      Bowl of Cereal lucky charms, cheerios or captain crunch

      179 West Broadway, New York, NY 10013

      10 Columbus Circle, New York, NY 10019

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        thanks for the excellent suggestion. will definitely try Landmarc-just what I was looking for!

      2. La Bonne Soupe and Max both have kid's menu.

        Otto has no kid's menu but the food there, like pizza, pasta, and amazing gelato, is generally good for both adults and kids.

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          thanks kobe- forgot about la bonne soup and have never tried max. We have been to otto with the kids and have enjoyed it -especially the olive oil gelato!

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            I don't know how old the kids are but if they are over 9 I would suggest Compass. I was there Saturday evening and although they don't have a kids's menu (that I know of) they do try to accommodate a child with simple foods. I've taken my grandkids there and they were very kind to them.

        2. Most better restaurants are very accomodating and if you ask they will be able to fix something up for you at cheap prices...

          1. I actually hope that restaurants don't have a kid's menu which usually ends up being mac n'cheese, chicken and fries, pasta with sauce (red or cheese) and pizza (in non-pizza places). Kids like adults should get to expand their horizons enjoy the restaurant experience. IMHO. We eat out with our now 5 year frequently and his adaptability on food is really helpful when traveling. I just don't know what kid's menus don't offer soup and vegetables! or fruit and cold meats or charcuterie (not standard coldcuts). If you want to read what I have to say about dining out with kids in restaurants there's more here: