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Jan 27, 2008 02:37 PM

Need lunch place between Waco and Tyler..maybe Corsicana?

I plan to be driving between Waco and Tyler, and will be looking for a good place for lunch. Corsicana would be about right. Could be either downhome or upscale. Not fried stuff. Any good ideas?

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  1. Old Mexican Inn is family-owned and run and is pretty good. Otherwise you are pretty much stuck with chains.

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    1. re: ddavis

      DO NOT EAT AT OLD MEXICAN INN...I am mexican and italian...and that food there they make it for gringos...and even the gringo in me says its dog get better tacos at jack in the crack (man it sounds good right about now at 5am lol)

    2. jmellow is right!! My mother in law lives in Corsicana and drags us to one awful restaurant after another in this town. Even the bakery is just so so, unless you like fruitcake all year long.
      Do yourself a favor, dont go through Corsicana to get to wherever you're going.
      Ok, if you must, there is a chicken place off the freeway that gets a little bit of attention. But seriously, dude, thats it!
      As a fellow foodie who loves a road trip gem in a rural area, this area ain't it!

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        The chicken place is Bill's, I believe...and agree it is about the best option in Corsicana.

        I do, however, disagree with you about Collin Street Bakery. I think their sugar cookies alone are worth a stop. But then again, it is a place from which I hold fond childhood memories.

      2. There is a cafe in downtown Corsicana that serves excellent breakfast and plate lunches. It is usually packed. I believe the name is Roy's Cafe. Never had lunch there but breakfast has always been top notch.

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        1. re: bhoward

          I've been to Roy's with my father-in-law several times and it's just ok - nothing special. Yes, it's always packed because a lot of the older gentlemen in Corsicana (remember, its a oil rich city with millionaires) meet there to talk over coffee and discuss the local politics, while their wives hit the garage sales. Their pancakes taste like a mix and the hashbrowns are always greasy. Skip it.

        2. I had a very satisfying lunch at Collin Street on the freeway. 1/2 sandwich and soup was great!

          1. what is the name of the place just as you get in waco off I35 on a loop i think it
            has a old 50's car( a caddy?) by the door?

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              1. re: DFWGuy

                THANK'S dfwguy have not been to waco for few yr's