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Jan 27, 2008 02:27 PM

China Pearl Boston Dim sum - empty today-meh

A large group of us went to dimsum today at china pearl boston. We had been going to Hei La Moon lately and thought we would give Cp a try again for a change. Sunday 11:00, place was dead. No line at all, walked right in and sat. In fact no numbers were being called the whole time we were there 10:45-12:15. No packed hallway or stair well like usual. I dont even think they had the top floor open even. Groups of 10 could just come in and be seated with no wait.

Well as you can imagine, you just cant have good dimsum without a lot of people. Fried and baked items were ice cold off the carts. Not even room temp, they were as if they came out of the fridge. Steamed items, some well oversteamed from being on the carts too long.

Taro cake, which usually benefits from a long pan fry, was disapointing as the server stacked the 3 thick pieces on top of each other making a large soggy brick. No crisp skin, hardly any sauce and no sesamee seeds on top like HLM does.

Thick noodles with beef and the clams in BB sauce from the self service station were both nice.

Likely most of it would have been tasty had there been a crowd. Maybe the snow flurries scared people away. Variety seemed fine. Dont think we will be back again for a while.

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  1. Around that time was pretty quiet at Windsor Cafe across the street too. I'm not sure where everyone was today. I'm sure the weather didn't help.
    It'll probably be lots busier on the 17th w/ the CNY celebration which oddly enough is 12 days late :-P

    1. A group of 6 of us were at China Pearl today also. We arrived around 1130am and were surprised that there was no line. This was my first time here - and I was a little disappointed. I agree, many of the dishes were cold and not up to standard.

      1. That's too bad; I went about a month ago with a Chinese client during the week and it was packed and everything was quite good.