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Jan 27, 2008 01:57 PM

Too much Guinness in my stew

And now it's pretty bitter. Anyone know how i can fix this?

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  1. what else is in there? can you water it down?

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    1. re: andytee

      Lemon juice & whole grain mustard w/some more brown sugar? Good luck.

    2. Flour blended with cold half & half will thicken the juices and soften the hard edges of flavors...

      Or just adding some half & half...

      It works well with acidity and mild bitterness...

      1. This works for spaghetti sauce that is too bitter, maybe it will help with your stew.
        Try peeling a med to lg potato and putting the whole thing in the stew while simmering. The potato will absorb the bitterness. Fish it out before it gets too soft and falls apart.

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        1. re: three of us

          Potatoes don't work for salt, sweet, hot, bitter or anything else.

          It's been scientifically proven.

          They just soak up the cooking liquid like a sponge -- they don't selectively discern and remove the ONLY offensive ingredient. They are not that smart.
          You could just ladle out some liquid and have the same effect -- less liquid, equally bitter/sour/salty/hot/sweet taste.

          You can make up a small batch without the beer and combine -- that's the best way to truly remedy the situation.

          1. A touch of honey should mellow it out. I avoid cooking with Guiness after encountering the very same problem. Acutally-what I keep on hand to cook with is O'Doul's!!


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            1. re: monavano

              i tried some brown sugar (couldn't log on last night so i was on my own!). It took out some of the bitterness but i still tasted a lot of it.
              I'll try O'Doul's next time and stick to drinking the Guinness on it's own.
              Thanks guys!

              (i thought potatoes worked on over salted liquids, no??)

              1. re: hotsauce28

                No... they just season the potato...
                The sauce will still taste the same...

                You have to add bland ingredients to the stew to balance it out...
                Dairy, or instant mashed potatoes, or oatmeal...
                Oatmeal is a great and flavorful starchy thickener...
                You can toast it in a nonstick skillet and then buzz it in the food processor or use it whole...

                Newcastle Brown Ale is my cookin' beer...