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Jan 27, 2008 01:50 PM

Asian Bat Mitzvah and has to be vegetarian

I want an Asian Bat Mitzvah that is Kosher but it has to be vegetarian. Douse any one know any web site that can help? Thanks.

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    1. re: LoveKosherEats

      I cant say where I live but do you know any website.:)

      1. re: animelover


        I don't know why you won't mention where you live, because the people here can try to help identify someone in your area who can help make this happen for you. However, since you won't, we can only help you to a lesser extent.

        I suppose the first thing to identify is whether you want an Asian-themed bas mitzvah, or simply Asian food. If it's Asian-themed, that means costumes and decorations. Bamboo and paper Chinese lanterns work fairly well for a start. As to vegetarian Asian food, there are plenty of recipes available on the internet for vegetarian Chinese/Japanese/Thai/Korean food which is either Vegetarina or can be adapted. To my knowledge, there's no site specifically for Asian-kosher food, whether vegetarian or not. Millie Chan has a kosher Chinese cookbook with some good recipes. Perhaps you have an Asian woman as a member of your shul who can help you with the recipes that she makes at home. I know in our neighborhood, there's a wife who's orthodox-Jewish Filipino, and of course my wife who's Cantonese, and maybe others. Kosher wrappers and noodles are available- we just found some Wing Hing noodles last week, and we can find Wng Hing wrappers easier, and potstickers, shu mai and eggrolls/spring rolls can all be done well vegetarian. And if you develop a filling you like, it can always be wrapped in bao dough.

        1. re: ganeden

          Thank you. Frogiv me about not being able to tell where I live.We already have a catere and he can do just about anything. But we have to bye the food to give him. So we have to find it some where. Thank you very much.

        2. re: animelover

          Try this. They're not vegetarian, but I'm sure you can get some ideas.

      2. If in Chicago - Tein Li Chow did a great job - we had bot their vegetarian and fleischig dishes - highly recommended

        1. maybe you should rethink this idea.
          I mean, if the kid and her family are
          Veggies, it does not mean they have
          to impose that on their guests. why
          not offer Asian cuisine for all types?

          here in NYC these places may cater;

          they may not be suitable for Orthodox,
          as they are all open on the Sabbath.

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          1. re: Joe Berger

            Maybe the family feels it is wrong to serve meat in honor of the BM. I think that's a fair reason to want it to be vegetarian.

            1. re: DeisCane

              Deis, I don't mean for this to turn into another Veggie debate.

              I'm concerned that guests, especially kids, won't find anything
              they'd like to eat at an Kosher Asian Veggie only party, and that
              should be taken under consideration when planning any major event.

              So if they did Veggie only, or Asian only, or skipped being certified Kosher, the
              elimination of one restrictive factor may help them provide desirable offerings.

              for example, were I to do a Veggie only Kosher party for kids,
              In NYC I would have a Pasta and Pizza place cater it, such as;
              Cafe Viva (Dairy, but Soy Cheese is available, closed Shabbat)
              Viva Herbal Pizzeria ( 100% Vegan, expensive, open Shabbat)

              You could also do Asian Kosher, and restrict just yourself to the
              Vegetarian side of the menu, from a place that also had meat & fish.
              (this may be harder than it sounds, since Kosher places like
              Sushi Metsuyan, put meat or fish in practically every dish.)

              you could be more exotic by doing Indian or Persian Vegetarian,
              but I don't think 12 year olds have evolved enough pallets for it.

              Look, I know kids can drive you nuts, and parents feel enormous peer pressure to out do their kids friends parents when it comes to parties their kids are going to forget by next Month. If people are principled enough to be Kosher and Vegan, they should also be able to focus on what is practical, not be pressured into doing something outlandish, like trying to cater an event with such a restrictive food theme. It only puts unappreciated pressure on other parents who can't afford to "compete". animelover, don't take that personally, I'm writing this as a general observation to all parents who feel these kids parties are more about competing with their neighbors, than making the kids happy, without driving themselves and other people nuts in the process.

              1. re: Joe Berger

                I see your point about the three intersecting dietary restrictions. I was focused on the veggie aspect only. Also, I was assuming vegetarian in this instance allowed eggs and dairy.

            2. re: Joe Berger

              If the family is vegetarian, why not offer only vegetarian food? It can still be very. very good. It's not necessarily a step down. And if your concern is that there won't be meat for the seudah, the fact is that most orthodox who would care wouldn't have a bas mitzvah celebration on Shabbos. So either it's someone to whom eating meat on Shabbos doesn't matter, or it's happening on a different day, when nobody would have the opinion that there's a requirement to eat meat.

            3. Well no it is just that meat cost to much to bye for my party so it has to be dairy and parve.

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              1. re: animelover


                So, if you are the bat mitzvah girl, there should be lots of your favorite foods. What do YOU like to eat that is Asian veggie? That should be your starting point for a menu. Then you can round it out with foods that your family and guests will enjoy.

                1. re: animelover

                  animelover, now that I realize you might be an 11 year old girl,
                  let me give you some simple advice your parents will appreciate.

                  don't worry about how much things cost. parties are not like grocery stores.
                  meat & fish is NOT expensive because it is more commonly catered.
                  vegetarian or dairy can often cost MORE because it is rarely catered.

                  give your parents a list of your 3 favorite kinds of party food,
                  and let them decide what is practical and affordable to serve.

                  a way you can help them understand what food you like is
                  to relate it to a restaurant or vacation where you ate it last.
                  that way they will know exactly what you are talking about.

                  If you imagine Asian food is good, but have not tried it yet,
                  you really should try an Asian meal beforehand to be sure
                  it is actually to your liking. Asian is also too broad a term,
                  which could mean Chinese, Japanese, Thai, so it's best to
                  associate what you like with an actual meal you once had,
                  since your friends may like Chinese food, but hate Thai food.

                  1. re: Joe Berger

                    Thank you. I understand. I have already told them and it would probly be like stir fri and egg rolls and rice and stuff. Are catere is acolly are ribas and is really pretty cheap. This more just like a party for me bacaous I am really 13 but my Uncle allen was in Iraq during my 12 birthday and said he would not miss it for the world so I held it off for him.