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Jan 27, 2008 01:33 PM

VOV--is it available in the States?

I've finally killed the bottle I brought back from Italy; I just did a Google search & it seems, while I can buy any number of vintage posters advertising the stuff, I can't buy the stuff itself. Anyone know if anyone, anywhere in the US, imports it? If not, why? Is it a safety thing due to the egg?

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  1. I found out the answer to my own Q, lest anyone's interested: no.
    Darn. Or, yay--just one more reason to return to Italy.

    1. It does appear in the US from time to time, but it's such a slow seller, it mostly goes bad on retail shelves and in the importer's warehouse.

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        Really? Where? Although since I'm assuming it's not here (Denver), guess it doesn't matter; might as well fly to Italy as anywhere else!
        Actually, though, I *am* still curious where...only NY/SF/LA I assume?

        1. re: tatamagouche

          In the past I have seen it in the three cities you mention, yes. (I've worked in retail liquor stores in both Northern and Southern California, and recall seeing it in the "Little Italy" section of NYC.) But as I said, it's not consistently available, and it may not be imported at the present time.

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              I see that this is a very old thread, hopefully I get a reply... What the heck IS Vov? I remember asking a bartender what were the ingredients in a mixed drink, in Italy, and vov was one of them. Egg? I thought more along the lines of coconut! Or do they also make a coconut flavor? Other foreign liquors I'd love access to stateside are Ron Miel honey rum from the canaries & the gamut of limoncello's & whatever-cello's from Capri/Sorrento.

              1. re: Scemo

                Vov is essentially potable zabaglione: marsala, egg yolks, sweetened. Sounds weird, tastes...okay, tastes a bit weird too, but I still love it.


              2. re: tatamagouche

                Back again, zin...Any idea how to find out whether VOV is currently being imported? They don't even seem to have a website.

                Thanks so much!

        2. Years ago I would get VOV on my trips to San Francisco to take back home to northern Michigan. The bartender at Tra Vigne shared the secret to an expresso martini that was too good for words. Now I can't find the notes on how to make it, and I can't find VOV. Siena Imports in SF used to be the importer. Don't know if they still do. That martini also contained Tuaca. If anyone has the formula I would appreciate having it again.

          1. Years ago when I lived in San Francisco I used to get capuccino con vov at Cafe Puccini and at the Bohemian Cigar Store. Last time I was there the barrista said they were all out and had no idea when they would be able to get any. You used to be able to buy it by the bottle at Molinari's and Lucca Deli. If you're in SF you might inquire at those places.

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            1. re: wetbaloney

              I use to live in SF, and would hit the Northside for a cappuccino and a shot of VOV, quite often.

              Those were the days - before cafes referred to employees as “Baristas” ,your shot was pulled through a beautiful brass plated espresso machine, and the sounds of an accordian player once in while!