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Jan 27, 2008 01:24 PM

canola oil for cast iron seasoning???? [Moved from Home Cooking]

i just seasoned my new cast iron skillet in the oven with canola oil and it came out with a slightly sticky feel. should i not have used canola? or did something else go wrong? what can i do to remedy it??

thanks in advance!

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  1. Not a problem, just use it normally, and the slight stickiness will subside.

    1. Yeah, that happens with canola oil. I prefer to use melted shortening for seasoning.

      1. I have had the most success using lard.

        1. My greatest success with seasoning comes when I fire up my *outside* stove to maximum flame, pour a thin layer of oil/lard/bacon fat on the cast iron, swirl, drain and let smoke until gone. Repeat at least once. No stickiness, smooth finish!

          If your vent fan is Very good you could do this inside, but I wouldn't chance it. Oh, yes, turn off your smoke alarms first :-).

          BTW this would be a good topic to post or link to a smoke point table. IIRC canola has a higher smoke point than everything except peanut oil.

          1. Scrub the hell out of it and re-season with a fat that is solid at room temp (lard, crisco, etc). Liquid oils will always leave a sticky film, whereas lard/crisco won't. And be sure to use a thin coat, or it will make for an uneven finish. You should build the seasoning up over several tries, rather than a single thick application.