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Jan 27, 2008 01:24 PM

Where do you keep your liquor?

As we try more cocktails and buy more, diferent, bottles storage is becoming a real issue. So I'm wondering - where do people keep their liquor? Ours is in an old microwave table in the basemnet - really just for want of a better space. I'd love to hear what other people do.

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  1. I bought several inexpensive 3 ft wide and 6 ft tall bookcases from walmart, put them in my office/library with my 1/2 dozen bookshelves for my food and beverage books, and set the bottles on the shelves. I call that section my spirits library and have well over 200 bottles. I have to get a few more bookshelves because the shelves are starting to bow down from the weight.

    I also bought a wine fridge, a temp controlled wine cellar, and several wine racks and set them up in the office as well. (It's a BIG office.) I have around the same amount of wine as spirits stored there right now.

    My office is a happy place! Crowded, but happy. (hic)

    1. We have a giant entertainment center with clear glass and wood cabinets on either side (my DH will not give this monstrosity up). I keep the majority of my liquors in there. Wine (except red, which goes in a small wine rack in the living room) goes straight into the fridge. I keep some vodka and blackberry schnapps in the freezer. My place is small so I have to make do with what's available.....and in the interest of keeping the peace, I use the EC to my advantage.

      1. I purchased an antique mahogany and marble buffet at auction several years ago. It has a large capacity underneath in two closed-door compartments with a shelf in each one. Lo and behold, they are the perfect height to hold most standard 750s. I can fit about 50-60 bottles in there and still see what I have. It makes a very attractive bar in my home. Only problem is the odd sized tall bottles (i.e. Galliano, some of the grappas, certain 1L sizes, etc.) don't fit unless I lay them down. So, they are on top of the bar until I figure out what to do.

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          That sounds so nice - I wish I had room! My mother has a "bar" - a cabinet which opens up on top for serving drinks and has glasses on shelves built into the door. It holds only about 30 bottles though so it's not a total solution (at least not for me). Our house is so small we couldn't dedicate a piece of furniture to just the liquor.

        2. we have a wine rack for the wine, I dont drink wine, but cook with it.

          Hard liquor, a bottle of tequila lasts about 4 days in my house, so I leave it on the kitchen counter for easy access.

          We also have some rum and vodka which we keep on the kitchen counter, the rum for cooking, the vodka for guests.

          1. I have seen all sorts of things. Most popular, I think, is using a buffet/hutch cabinet to store liquor bottles and keeping accoutrements (cocktail napkins, stirring spoons, etc.) in a little drawer. I have also seen people use metro racks from Home Depot or any restaurant supply store (they come in all sorts of sizes).

            A friend of mine got one of those butcher block kitchen islands on Craigslist for $50 and it's quite large and very sturdy. He stores all of his liquor on the big shelf below and, when he has parties, he uses the island as a drink station.

            Another friend of mine has a built-in bench in front of one of his kitchen windows. He keeps all of his liquor bottles stored in old wooden wine crates and keeps them on the shelf below the bench. Again, when he has parties he uses the bench as a sort of cocktail/drink station.

            I found a very nice looking bar cabinet at Pottery Barn during a floor sample sale. There was a small scratch on the side of it and it was something like 75% off. It has a pull out shelf for mixing cocktails, 2 cabinets that fit a ton of bottles and little drawers and cubbies for all of my gear. Plus it holds all my cocktail and wine glasses. It sits in the corner of my dining room with my wine refrigerator.