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Jan 27, 2008 01:19 PM

Negril, Jamaica

Any recommendations for great local food, high end or low?

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  1. For cheap eats we loved Chicken Lavash and Hungry Lion. Both had local eats. I think it was HL we had some nice fresh juice. We drove from Mo Bay, drove thru the drab highway, looked at 7 mile Beach in disbelief (This is It??) and ate and left...

      1. re: Husky

        Thanks, Husky. The place looks great.

      2. A lunch at Rick's Cafe is almost mandatory. The tea and desserts at Ma Brown's are optional.

        1. High End: (cliffs)
          Rock House
          LTU Pub
          Low End Local spots:
          Ossies-best jerk pork
          Best in the West-The absolute best jerk chicken in Negril
          Cosmo's-good cheap local eats

          I wouldn't suggest eating at Ricks, touristy and overpriced but the sunset party for cocktails is what everyone goes for.
          I don't know what phelana was talking about, mobay is a dump compared to Negril's 7 mile beach which is beautiful.

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          1. re: irie eyes

            Thanks, Irie Eyes. Rockhouse was a great stay but a disappointing dinner (good menu, poor execution). Norma's was good as were Kuyaba and Xtabi. Sonia's patties were great. For a dive, we liked the food at Serious Chicken but weren't as enthused by Chicken Lavish as others reported. Other competitors for best jerk were Bourbon Beach (grilled over wood) and Three Dives (but their wierd and unpredictable hours made timing a meal difficult).

            1. re: Frogrock

              hmmm...Mo Bay was a dump too, true true...but we loved Round Hill...Half Moon was overrated and the food was mediocre at best...I love Jamaicans, the countryside but IMHO the beaches and some areas are dirty and less than appealing..I will take the Grenadines ANY day..IMHO

              1. re: phelana

                I was just reminded that the Red Stripe snack bar at the MoBay airport had perhaps the best jerk chicken of all. Or maybe it was just a matter of very low expectations.

          2. I second Ossies.Great jerk, almost only locals. FYI theres a guy who walks the beach in the moring selling fresh squeezed juices. Try the soursop, It's out of this world!