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Paris liquor stores that sell premium tequila?

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Does anyone know any liquor stores in Paris that sell very good tequila? Stores stocking the cheap stuff, or anything sold at Nicolas, need not apply. Thanks!

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  1. Please tell me there is someone out there who has the the answer to this. So far I've only found the clear stuff that looks like what I used to get sick on in university.

    1. I've just run a search at lavinia,fr (the store is at 3 Boulevard de la Madeleine) and they have a couple of them (don't know about the quality of them)

      Herradura, Reposado
      Herradura, Añejo
      Patron, Sylver
      Patrón, Reposado
      Gran Patrón, Platinium

      1. Well knowing zip about them I went to Lavinia and they have Herradura, Reposado, Herradura, Añejo, Patron, Sylver, Patrón, Reposado, Gran Patrón, Platinium
        - I have no idea if that's your type of stuff.

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          You guys rock! Thank you so much.