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Jan 27, 2008 01:12 PM

recommendations for birthday dinner in monmouth county

my birthday is on friday and my husband and i want to go somewhere new. although i love fooding and dining out, we always end up at the same places (due to laziness mostly!). i have a few places in mind including drew's and table. table is a little pricey for us, but hey, it's my birthday! looking for somewhere with delicious food including dessert. no particular cuisine. thanks in advance for any suggestions!

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  1. You can go to Nicholas, or . ....uh..... Nicholas. Or maybe Nicholas?
    (Splurge! You deserve it!)


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      I agree, Nicholas...Nicholas!, in Middletown, rt. 35.

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      1. What about Le Fandy in Fair Haven? The place is just delicious!!! (The desserts are fabulous!) It is a small BYOB and so good. Quaint little French restaurant. Look at the menu, the food is very good. Chef Ong puts his heart into everything!

        Happy Birthday!!!

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          1. How important is the atmosphere for this birthday dinner?

            I love Drews, but I might not go there for a special occasion. The room and service are very nice, but a bit pared down for a romantic evening. Drew's food is great! BYOB (Any other evening, however, Drew's is way high on my list.)

            IMO, Le Fandy has a bit more romantic atmosphere. Casual, elegant bistro. A few chowhounds have reported negative experiences there. We've dined there twice, on weeknights, and were very pleased. I intend to go again. BYOB

            You can't go wrong with Nicholas. Superb food and service. Some find the rooms a bit stark, but I find them relaxing and sophisticated. And the bar is beautiful, if you want to hang out before or after your dinner.

            Enjoy your birthday!