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Jan 27, 2008 12:59 PM

It's Sunday, but I'm still hungry.

I know Sundays are supposed to be for worship and getting closer to our families, but our family worships at the church of dining out. When searching for a place to eat on Sunday in Austin, we've been disappointed to find that a lot of restaurants are closed. Does anyone care to share their favorite place to eat on Sunday when mom (or someone) forgot to make the roast beef and potatoes?

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  1. broken record sambamaster here: i had a great lunch at asia cafe.... spicy lamb, spicy shrimp and spicy dumplings. always yummy. actually, most of the places i would visit are open on sunday: Tam's Deli, Shalimar, Asia Cafe, Sunflower, etc etc

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      Restaurants close on Sundays in Austin? I've never ever had a problem finding a meal on Sunday. It might be easier to make a list of places that are not open, i.e. Jorge's and Chik-Fil-A.

      I have to echo Samba in checking out Asia Cafe and Sunflower for Chinese and Vietnamese respectively. And if you're really strapped, my East Texas upbringing taught me that Luby's seems to serve nothing but churchgoers on Sunday.

      1. re: verily

        You're right, verily, I guess I should have been more specific. I meant, are there restaurants you LOVE to visit, that have good food and atmosphere, that are also open on Sundays? Because off the top of my head I can think of the following which are closed on Sundays: La Traviata, Enoteca, Asti, Fino, Castle Hill, Malaga, Jezebel, Driskill, Mirabelle, Blue Star.

        We have a couple tried and true for Sundays, but one likes to have variety. The ones we have tried (and like) that are open on Sundays are: Vespaio and Sampaio (all the "aios"). Thanks for the tips though, I have heard good things re. Sunflower and Asia Cafe. Oh, another good food bet for Sunday is Madras Pavillion. Still though, I think we should compile a list of Sunday favs, just because it's not a sure bet that the restaurant you're wanting to try is going to be open.

        1. re: nashiana

          Most of those that you mentioned are downtown, which probably has a lot to do with being closed on Sundays.

          1. re: jwynne2000

            I don't get it - why does "downtown"="closed on Sundays"? Aren't most of the restaurants downtown? I'm not trying to be difficult, I just haven't experienced this in other towns, so I think it might be a cultural difference that I'm not yet understanding. BTW, we just had a great meal at Belmont, on 6th. I wanted to order the entire menu. I will happily go there any Sunday. :-) Plus, there's a movie in the courtyard! Anyone else have an opinion about this place?

            1. re: nashiana

              Here's one thread on the food at the Belmont:


              There are several more. If you're interested in checking them out, just use the "search this board" link at the top left of this page.

        2. re: verily

          I agree with nashiana that many places are closed on Sunday. I live right off South Lamar and after 2 Taco Xpress, Mr. Natural, & Flip Happy are all closed. Sometimes I drive around for awhile trying to find something cheap and good.