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Jan 27, 2008 12:54 PM

anyone been to..... [moved from Mid-Atlantic board]

i know this belongs on manhattan board but figure i'd ask here as well. perilla ???? menu looks great and my kind of food, simple and clean, not much fuss. thanks

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  1. i haven't been there, but i'm pretty sure it's owned by the winner of Bravo's Top Chef season 1, Harold. if the menu reflects the style he showed on the show it has to be wonderful. i am dying to try it!

    1. i heard the food is ok.. and he is never there.. more hype than anything else

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        The pastries/dessert were ok, I thought, but that's because he has a separate pastry chef. I thought the food was yummy AND Harold was there, since I got to take a picture with him. He was very nice and charming, and then was busy scrambling between the kitchens.

        The staff was friendly and the ambience was nice and simple. This is based on my visit back in November though.

        ETA: I really enjoyed my experience and I don't think it's hype. If you do a search for Perilla, a lot of positive experiences should show up. I'm a DC Chowhound, but if I go back to NYC again, I would definitely dine there again.

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          Who ever gave you this information is wrong.

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            It's quite obvious that you have not been reading the Manhattan board. While I've not yet been to Perilla yet, it's on my "go to" list because all the reports I've read about it here have been uniformly positive. Definitely far from hype, and I gather that Chef Harold is regularly on the premises.

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              Dude, WTF.

              Anyway, I ate there recently (I think Saturday 1/19 7:30ish/4ppl). Don't know if Harold was in house. Went with some foodies and non-foodies. We thought the food was excellent. There was a lot of fish, but the non-fish dishes were better. The game hen was killer. I had the tuna and it was acceptable. Wine list was...okay. Portions were surprisingly generous.

              But... service was less than stellar as our waitress had her head just a bit in the clouds. But atomosphere, wine, food etc.. made up the difference. Also, the runners were better than server and food came out on time.

              I am interested returning on a non-Saturday to see what their A-game is like.

            2. We've enjoyed excellent dinners there and would add it to our weekly rotation if we lived in the city. At Perilla you'll find perfectly prepared dishes, simple sophistication, outstanding service in a comfortable yet intimate setting. Busy, yes. Impossible to get reservations, not yet. Who could ask for more?! Note that seating is tight as in most Village places. The best tables are the circular booths along the left wall.