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Sep 5, 2001 04:47 PM

Best Szechwan, a hound's tale

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Several weeks ago, while trolling Valley Blvd in search of a bahn mi joint, I nicked into a strip mall for which nondescript would be a high compliment. Being in the city of San Gabriel, it of course contained the code-required three sit-down Asian restaurants. At the Vietnamese restaurant, I grubbed a delicious bahn mi with a mung bean popa drink. Exiting, I checked out the Szechwan joint & found it to have all the usual spicy suspects & then some, in an 8-table Folsomlike eating space.

A week or so later, Jonesing for some tea-smoked duck, I returned to the mall 'o paradise to try the Szechwan place. In short, the duck (although apparently on Slimfast before its demise) was richly & pungently wonderful & their version of twice-cooked pork was surprisingly tart (as well as spicy) & delightful.

So I says to myself, "Grubber, this is a classic hounds find. Hie thee to thoust computer." Fates intervened & all of a week went by before returning to the keyboard. I visit & what to my wondering eyes should appear, not one, but two posts about this self-same joint--Best Szechwan--posted by the perspicacious & prescient Rob & Samo under the Hua Garden title guise.

A shudder raced thru my very being. I fell abjectly to the floor, prostrating myself before the powerful, all-knowing, almighty Chowhound god. If it's delicious, the Chowhound god will lead disciples to it.

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  1. "If it's delicious, the Chowhound god will lead disciples to it."

    yes, and the cool thing (even though it's sort of a Star Trek sentiment) is that we are, all of us, that god.

    also, that's why it's essential to post incessantly and compulsively, even if just really quick and unpolished prose. Works in progress, places sighted that look good, an eyebrow-raising nibble consumed en route....put it on the board and let others corroborate or follow the leads (or weigh in again yourself ,later). There are enough of us here now to really make it work. The goal, of course, is to never be forced to ingest anything undelicious anywhere anytime. Amen.

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      As of last month, Best Szechuan has two locations. The new location, with a longer name and far more attractive interior, is at 230 N. Garfield Ave., #12, in Monterey Park, a few blocks south of the 10 freeway. It's at the rear corner of a mall just across the street from Hua Garden. The phone number is (626) 572-4629. Billing itself as a seafood restaurant. I love the idea of a landlocked province specializing in seafood.