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Jan 27, 2008 11:51 AM

Healthy Butcher- New Location- EGLINTON W!

I am so excited! (I hope this is still news around here- I did a *really* quick scan for posts)

I was sort of sad when Nicolas (302 avenue road- next to the fantastic family -run Avenue Seafood) closed, but I was really intrigued when I saw the blue tarps go up immediately.

Day after day I looked for an inkling of who jumped on the location- I really couldn't imagine, as although I always thought this end of town needed a cheese store, I just didn't know where people would park (case in point- forest hill Shoppers Drug mart).

But what to my wondering eyes should appear, but a Healthy Butcher sign, freshly installed.

Oh, Eglinton, you surprise me oh so much, perhaps I *will* stick around..

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  1. I was surprised too when I saw the sign around 2:30... People will do what they always do (same when they go to Umami or Avenue Seafood) - double park or play chicken in traffic.

    I'm not familiar with this chain - is it all cheese/meats, or is it a high end gourmet shop? nonetheless, I am like you Epi - I much prefer to frequent the small stores along the strip as opposed to Dominion or Loblaws (ugh).

    1. I'm also excited about the Healthy Butcher opening...

      The original Healthy Butcher on Queen West isn't in my neighbourhood, so I've never been, but I've heard really good things. Looks like their primary focus is organic meats, but they also carry prepared food, and things like brerad, chesse and dry goods. Can't wait! Anyone know when the new one is opening?

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      1. Where on Eglinton is it opening?
        The Healthy butcher has the best Stilton, Pear and Pork sausages... mmm!

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        1. re: Baelsette

          North side of Eglinton, a few doors east of Avenue Rd. (where Nicola's used to be).

        2. eep! im excited!
          i once bought a $3 meatball from the healthy butcher and it was so delicious i only felt half of the guilt i should have for spending three! dollars! on a meatball.

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          1. re: carlson

            i agree - excellent products but you certainly pay for it. the sausages are easily $5 each.

          2. Any updates on when we can expect it to open? The suspense is killing me...